Discovering The Drama And The Dilemma Of Watching Movies

going to the theaterWhat we all love is to watch movies, we’re in awe, in a trance as our favorite cinematic hero unfolds their life in the latest tragedy of fate. We become captivated as we emulate them, we relive their lives in full motion picture.

For most of us, attending the theater with a bucket of popcorn and soda, this to watch the marvels on the big screen, is one of the most enjoyable activities, a fantasy, which allows us to escape from our everyday mundane lives. So for a few hours, we run away and hide from the harsh realities of life.

A life that’s too common and boring, so we imagine how our life could be, this by we becoming completely indulged by the on-screen lives of our favorite heartthrob or super hero, a damsel in distress rescued by the handsome lead.

It’s Movie Night
Everyone can admit to having spent entire weekends plunked down on the couch with an oversized bag of chips and a pint of ice cream, watching the latest popular chick flick or action figure kill drama.

This as a cure, a healing substance to get over that bad day at work, that recent breakup, to just cope with all the troubles of our lives.

Men will generally sell out for the insanely violent action-packed thrillers, which provides a mind numbing adrenaline rush they can’t find in real life. Certain movies, the one’s which are cathartic in nature, appeal to all audiences.

The Escape From Reality
Movies are known to shelter us from the woes of life, to help combat moodiness, as what they do is allows us to identify with the protagonist, this on a personal level, all while expressing emotion throughout the trials and tribulations of their journey.


Films which are controversial in nature will bring a moral stand, a light to legitimate the real issues facing society, bringing them to the forefront. What they do is flush out all our emotions.

Issues of concern such as sexism, the stereotypical generalization of women wearing miniskirts as being helpless and dependent on men, and the rich handsome dreamboat who comes and saves the day.

What this exposes is the very nature that is gender inequality, the fine line of social and economic barriers which exists, which impedes women from receiving adequate educational or professional opportunities, this on a reality scale.

How To Get Free Therapy
What’s safe to say is that watching movies can be therapeutic. A well crafted movie has the ability to alter our attitude, our perception, how we think and feel about certain life situations which exists, and at times even our values.

We witness the drama of how others handles their lives on the big screen of life, which helps us to view things from a different perspective, becoming more understanding of others, broadening our horizons and knowledge of the massive world around us.

Like We’re Dreaming
Similar to dreaming, what movies provoke are philosophical thoughts and questions in real time, this regarding our lives and the events we would never have thought of otherwise.

This by we becoming the advocate, what we then create are personal representations of the events, and then incorporate them into our own lives.

Once we identify these movie induced emotions, we’ll further analyze them by finding answers to some of the queries of our own lives, this based on the film.

We compare ourselves to our favorite actors, allowing us to react better in similar situations, if we ever happen to encounter them.

What movies also does is gives couples the opportunity to discuss, and then address certain difficulties in their lives which are relevant, and how their favorite actors solved them, which activates resolve.


How Films Can Inspire
What we’ve seen are countless inspirational films which will linger in our conscious long after we’ve seen them, and will often refer back to them in quotes.

We’ll constantly flashback to the feelings of deception or betrayal, how unpredictable life can be, that it can happen to us.

Movies take us through every emotion, every malady, usually with grace while furnishing us with the best possible ending. They empower us with the devastating facts of life, the reality that we live in, as we relive the actor suffering through them.

The core nature of any movie is to evoke extreme emotion out of us, the ones that we never knew we had or forgotten, serving as a source of inspiration, planting practical ideas into us.

Movies Of All Types
Movies for children, provides a moral compass with a happy ending, this along with lessons and learning opportunities. Movies for kids reduces the burden of parenting, this by they learning and living through the eyes of their new friends on screen.

What they teach about are family values, friendship and love, developing independence, respecting other cultures, standing up and fighting for what’s right or important, while not losing faith as individuals.

What these morally infused movies for children does is adds extra value when watching with their parents, and then discussing it later.

Ready Set Action
So what most will do every Friday night is escape to the theater, take a trip to the movies, this with their loved one’s to learn a lesson in life, to stir up a good conversation, a good cry, while reflecting on what it’s taught them.

Whenever you feel that you’re life is in a rut, that your relationship maybe teetering, hit a bit of a dull patch, then a good movie will get you out of that funk.

Doing so can fire up and activate any emotion that you want, ignite that missing spark through watching and then reliving.

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