Experience The Ultimate Thrill That Is Skydiving

Is there really a bigger thrill than going skydiving? If you are a slight bit the adventurous type and like a relatively inexpensive natural rush, then there is really not a better adventure than jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet.

There are some will instantly jump at the opportunity to skydive, while others may break out in a sweaty panic attack, just at the mere thought of attempting to rid of their fear of heights.

Skydiving is a real thrill that everyone should try at least once, when given the chance. And once you’ve experienced it the first time, you will never regret it.

Have Fun Up There

Recreational skydiving most always starts out as a dare, and in most cases usually doesn’t go any further beyond that.

But once you actually do get out there, you will be in a haze and not even realize what you are doing, until you are actually in the plane and ready to step out and you feel yourself free falling into the open air and the wind.

When your standing in the doorway of the plane, you feel a sense of security as your feet are firmly planted on the ground, then Geronimo, you free fall.

The only feeling you have is the skydiving equipment you have on your back, that weighs your body down a bit. When you are actually falling in the sky, it feels nothing but a dream, and you’re thinking it isn’t something that could really happen.

When the skydiving instructor gives you the thumbs up signal to jump, you take a deep, deep breath, with no where to go but down.

You jump into a world of a heart pounding, free falling non-stop adventure, and your life is in the hands of your parachute to land you and your body safely on the ground.

Going Down Fast

Once you start falling, straight down, at 10,000 feet per second, you will suddenly experience a sense of calm and relaxation as you visualize the vivid beautiful colors circling on the ground that is coming up quickly beneath you.

You attempt to reach out and touch the clouds, you feel the peace and quiet and hope this can last forever.

You think this may be probably as close to heaven as you’re going to get. You feel the wind rushing through your hair and for a split-second, you think there’s no greater rush and experience.

You realize that you are glad you did this and that skydiving isn’t bad. In fact, you know you can’t wait to do it again and again!

There’s No Bigger Rush

It doesn’t matter if you have never stepped into a plane before, or if you are a pro that’s experienced in jumping out of planes, there are great locations available all over North America, if you are interested in adventure skydiving.

You will first undergo hours of initial extensive training, especially if it is your first jump and going solo.

Your jump instructors will ensure that you are absolutely trained and prepared to make the jump, before you take off into the sky.

You may first have to receive medical clearance from your doctor, sign a disclosure agreement that there is a risk on your life and you accept full responsibility.


If you happen to have certain heart or high blood pressure conditions, diabetes or neurological disorders, you will not be cleared to skydive.

There are also some skydive facilities that reserve the right to refuse you if they somehow feel a mental or medical condition may impair your safety.

For those who have jumped before, you will be required to go through a few refresher courses with certified instructors prior to you jumping again.

Fly Like An Eagle

Nearly every major city will have an adventure skydiving course for you to contact.

Depending on where you go, prices for a single, solo jump ranges anywhere from $115 and up, or you can often get significant group discounts if you decide to jump with other people.

Most first-time jumpers are performed Tandem, which means when you jump, you are attached to your instructor, and they handle the parachute, controls all the steering and the landing.

If you have ever thought about going out any given Sunday for an adventure skydiving jump, then there’s no real reason why you can’t and shouldn’t experience this ultimate thrill.

Don’t spend your life wishing that you would or could of done it – instead, do it and show off those pictures of you flying through the air!

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