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Press-ReleaseWriting Press Releases about your product, an affiliate product, or news on your business, will rank and appear instantly in most organic search engines and online news services. This often happens immediately after a PR publication is released. The only criteria is that the press release is optimized properly, and follows the exact preferred SEO and editorial guidelines.

Traditionally, print media was used as an information gatekeeper. Businesses would send out press releases to newsrooms, in the hopes that their favorite editors would deem the press announcement worthy or fit enough for publication.

But because of the limited ink space of the media in question, or a subscription demographic that they had to please, most of the press releases ended up in the trash.

Well, the times have changed. With the internet providing for unlimited instant publishing, and the search engines being able to display only relevant information of their choosing, web surfers can filter out and find the exact news or information that’s useful to them.

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Writing Press Releases Is Building A Better Mousetrap
While news on a ‘Brand new electronic mouse trap technology,’ may never grace the front pages of the local print paper, mouse trap enthusiasts can now freely find that kind of news online through the search engines. This is assuming that the author or creator of the PR news release has optimized and announced that news properly, so it can be found readily by those who crave it.

Publishing effective press releases online requires a 3 step optimization process that includes:

– SEO Search Engine Optimization
– Conversion Optimization and
– Editorial Optimization

When all three of these are utilzied, then your press release can have a dramatic effect on your online visibility, website search rank, or company, business, product prominence.

#1: SEO – Search Engine Optimization

In order for the press release information to be effective, it must be easily found by those who are interested in the news or product offer. Optimize your press release so that it can be found readily in Google, or any other search engine. Using strategic keywords provides an extremely powerful way to reach highly targeted customers.

How To Optimize Your Press Release
Title Optimization:
This is the most heavily weighted and thus important factor that determines which keywords your press release will rank for. It’s simply all in the title. So placing your targeted, well researched primary keyword phrase towards the beginning of the title, will have the strongest impact on ranking for that keyword. The title also needs to reflect the exact news angle, and must be carefully written with the reader wanting to ‘click through’ to your site, in mind.

Summary Optimization:
The next weighted SEO factor for your Press Release is the summary. In the summary, you can introduce one to two additional keyword phrases, while still elaborating the news angle introduced in the title. In a well optimized press release distribution news site, the title becomes the ‘title tag’ and the summary becomes the ‘meta description.’ So the exact same technical website SEO rules apply, when optimizing a ‘title tag’ and the ‘meta description’, in terms of keyword selection, as they do when you optimizing a press release title and summary.

Keyword Anchor Text Linking:
The opportunity to build strategic anchor text back-links from online trusted authority sources, is one of the top SEO reasons for publishing a press release. This is because some press release news distribution sites will allow for full-page reprint rights of your press release, out to their PR partner sites. So a single press release that you write can instantly net a significant number of ‘free’ backlinks, all based on your keywords.

#2: PR Conversion Optimization – Click-through Optimization

The main purpose of a press release is to hook your reader with the news release they are looking for, and then directing them to your website. Online press releases essentially acts as landing pages for your business, that’s designed to drive targeted traffic to you. Optimizing the ‘click-through-rate’ of the press release, obviously helps you achieve better conversion.

Making Use of Multimedia Features:
When you include: videos, images, file downloads, logos, or links to your online Web properties, this allows your readers to become immediately immersed in your message through a variety of ways. When given the opportunity, make sure you use as many of the different multimedia options that your press release distribution site will allow.

Embedded Website Navigation Using iFrame:
If you can add an iFrame to your Press Release, then link to a page that’s a natural extension of your message that’s announced in your press release.
For Example:
If you are announcing a brand new product, then display the product page in the iFrame, instead of the websites homepage. Also make sure it includes a Call-to-Action. A press release is an excellent tool that’s used to entice curious readers to visit your web page, so give them exact clear directions on how and why they should. Other idea’s include sending them to your site to download a free ebook, or to subscribe to an optin form for further tips or information that’s related to the announcement.

#3 PR Editorial Optimization:

Press release sites are highly optimized news sites, and they take their role extremely seriously to stay in the good books with Google, and the other search engines. So if you submit a press release that risks falling outside the criteria of a valid press release in Google’s opinion, it’s likely it will be sent back to you for further editing.


So in order for the press release to pass the editing process as if it’s read by humans, it should adhere to the following 3 editorial guidelines:

1.) It must have a Valid And Clearly Stated News Worthy Angle from Within Your Company:
The purpose of a good press release is to announce something that’s new, timely or relevant, such as a new product release or a new service, a limited time sale, or participation in an upcoming event of some kind, etc.

The news will also have to be unique and should originate from the company or business announcing the news. Writing about another company or business is not really news, it’s an article. The reader should also instantly be able to determine exactly what the press release is about, just by reading the title and the summary.

2.) Written in the ‘Third-Person’:
Aside from being a direct attributed quote, your press release is written in the ‘third person’, and should not use casual language, such as referring to the PR news reader as, “you” or the author of the PR as “I” “me” or “we.”

3.) Attribution of Claims:
Claims that can be interpreted as an opinion, should be attributed in a press release.
For Example:
Instead of an obvious opinion like “…this is the best real estate software that’s on the market,” present attributable facts like “…it’s deemed the best real estate software on the market by ABC magazine.”

If done correctly, press releases can be an extremely powerful part of your online marketing and SEO arsenal. The press release by nature, will usually enjoy ‘First Page’ ranking status in most search engines, as they are adored by them. This is one of the very few types of user generated content that ranks almost instantly upon publication. Also, the optimized back-links placed within the press release works to build excellent link-love back to your site within minutes.

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