‘The Fighter’ Movie Reviewed – Includes Preview Trailer

Any movie such as The Fighter, that claims it’s ‘Based On A True Story’, a boxing flick directed by David O. Russell, who’s better known for a bit off whack comedies, such as Flirting With Disaster and I Heart Huckabees, any good? The main premise of ‘The Fighter’ is a story about half-brothers, who are boxers, featuring stars Dickie Eklund (Christian Bale) and Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg).

The Fighter – Based On True Events
Set in 1978, Dickie actually went on a toe-to-toe bout with the Sugar Ray Leonard, which cemented his status and became known as “The Pride of Lowell, Massachusetts.” A couple decades later, the same Dickie is now battling drug addiction, while training with brother Mickey, who has a shot at a junior welterweight title.

Being a family affair, Dickie has to deal with Mickey, and their domineering mother who also happens to be his manager. He also has to convince his fiercely possessive sisters to accept his girlfriend (Amy Adams).

Christian Bales makes for an alarmingly emaciated and unnerving presence on the screen, adeptly while conveying Dickie’s buffoonery and self-loathing habits. Also, Mark Wahlberg is eight years older than the brawler he’s portraying on screen, but fulfills the role adequately, and the physical requirements capably.

Adhering to any flick of this type, The Fighter leads up to the Big Match. It becomes vicious as well as riveting, and the ending packs an emotional punch that you will never see coming.

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The film’s primary battle is between Mickey and brother Dicky, played by an angry Christian Bale, who is in full starvation mode again. When Mickey decides to hook up with local girl (Amy Adams), the good old tug of war between competing family and loyalties grows. Wahlberg and his self deprecating performance pays off at the end of the movie, as The Fighter delivers a final ‘boxing match’ that builds up for the first two hours.

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