How Greed Can Wreak Havoc On Your Business And Your Life

how to be more generousWhat greed does is it completely opposes generosity. While you’re not obligated to share your resources with anyone, those who are generous do, and they do so often. Those who are generous never fear of becoming poor for helping others. They like to give and they’re appreciated for doing so.

This generosity isn’t just about giving money freely but it’s offering their knowledge as well. Those who are greedy dislike sharing, giving anything away. If they don’t receive some type of remuneration, they don’t bother.

Whenever they give something away, what they always expect to receive back is more than what they gave. They never give just for pleasure, they never do favors of any kind. They think scarcity, that they never have enough money or resources.

Their thought processes are, “If I don’t have enough, how am I going to share what I have with others?” or “Others should share what they have with me!” They could have excess resources, but still think inadequate that way.

The Mindset Of The Generous
Generous individuals share, they share often and with full conviction. It’s a pleasure for them to give, they enjoy it. They like to offer their time, money, knowledge, strength, effort, love.

The idea however is to not share your resources or knowledge with those that want to rip you off, but to give to those who are really in need. It’s also not to share everything that you know or own.

There are some who are too generous and they lose everything that they have, along with their respect. These overly generous people will spend all their excess on friends and family, often, at all times. They enjoy giving too much, they become gullible.


To Be Generous
You can be wealthy or poor and be generous. Generosity is something that comes from the heart. It arises out of gratitude, the desire to help others and see them be happy. It focuses on giving and not receiving.

When you’re rich and generous, you don’t care if others defame you. You have peace of mind. You know that you’ll always make the best possible decision, this to the best of your ability.

Some have the opportunity to help others but they don’t, this because they don’t care. Generosity means to walk that extra mile. It means to not be obsessed with receiving. It means not to care once you give more than what’s expected.

Generosity And Your Business
You may be asking how greed can affect your business. Those who are greedy rarely prosper. They tend to bleed poor and stay poor, despite the general idea that the rich are greedy.

Statistics show that the wealthy, the ones that remain so, are more generous. Once they give, they ultimately get more back, this because you reap what you sow. It’s always better to give than to receive.

Greed is one of the worst enemies of wealth. If you have a business and you’re greedy, customers won’t buy from you, this on instinct.

If you raise the prices of your products and your intention is to gouge, people will avoid you, and go buy from those who have lower prices. You’ll be forced to close your doors quickly.

If you pay poor wages to your employees or exploit them, that will reflect on your overall profits. They will quit often and they will steal from you. Most successful business owners sell at fair prices and are reasonable with their employees. If you rip off your clients, word of mouth will spread like wildfire.

Certainly there are some who’ll become rich by being greedy, but they don’t really enjoy their fortune, deep inside they feel guilt. They feel guilty or they’re too concerned about losing all their wealth, so they hide it.

Then someone else enjoys the fruits of their labor. Some just won’t realize that we humans don’t live forever, yet they continue to horde. No matter how much or how little you have, one day you have to let it all go, you can’t take it with you.


Greed Overcomes Us
What we feel is greed in our life on a daily basis, regardless of our circumstances. We become slaves when it comes to the machine of greed. It’s all a massive passage which can lead us towards eternal debt, one which we never come out of.

So if you choose to save all your money, give it away, regardless, there’s no big divide. If you choose to horde, stuff it under your mattress, what you’re doing is allowing it to rot and not circulate.

Despite all the fair warnings of greed, there’s a constant flow of money in the pipeline of wealth, which literally slips through your fingertips on a daily basis. This brings you more angst, this since you’re always wanting to take the money and run.

We all deserve the same fulfillment in life regardless of how much money we have. It’s known that all the knowledge and the wealth that the wealthiest people of the world possess, could solve all the world troubles, hunger, despair.

Yet, they choose not to do anything about it but grow older and colder. The richest of people could live a generous life on just a scratch of their wealth, but they surrender to the scarcity of greed.

So for those who fall victim to this, do the right thing, get more involved, use your knowledge or wealth to buy freedom, nourishment, spread it towards the struggles of mankind.


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