Learning To Forgive And Not Becoming A Prisoner Of Your Past

learning to forgiveIt’s your arrogant nature, your decision not to forgive, as you’ve chosen to shackle yourself to become a hostage of yourself. What this does is holds you back from experiencing your true potential, because of your choice to carry the burdens of stubbornness.

You handcuff yourself by dwelling on your grudges, as your pride constantly plays havoc on your mind, much like a ball chained to your leg, which impedes you from growing forward. Why not just decide to emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually set yourself free.

Once we carry the weight of grudges, resentments, hurts and pains, what we end up is damaging ourselves the most, this more than the ones who we perceive are doing the hurting.

Not being able to forgive is a death sentence to our being. It’s undeniable the damage that’s created by not learning to forgive, having the sense of maturity to just let go.

The majority of physical illnesses are caused by emotional pain. Depression, anxiety, and destroyed relationships are all caused by carrying resentment, remaining bitter, unwilling to forgive.

Learning To Forgive
The forgiveness needs to be given out unconditionally, it needs to be concise and completely sincere, otherwise it’s not truly forgiven.

You’re only fooling yourself if you don’t forgive from the heart, this even if the person you’re forgiving doesn’t even realize they’ve done anything wrong. Forgive them anyways.

We’re presented with a variety of choices during the course of our lives, so take complete responsibility of them. What self-empowerment involves is taking care of yourself and what you do. You don’t need the permission of others to heal yourself.

How you take back this power is by personally forgiving them, release that pent up energy which festers and then move on with your life, as you don’t need their acknowledgment. You owe this to yourself.

To Empower Self-growth
You’re the only person who’s responsible for your own healing. So once you decide to forgive others, warranted or not, what you’re doing is releasing the mental handcuffs, this regardless if they accept your forgiveness or not.

So essentially, you’re just helping yourself, this by releasing the guilt you may be feeling, as it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Hopefully the other person takes responsibility for their involvement or misdeed, but they’ll just most likely remain where they’re at. The hope is they’ll eventually evolve to find the courage to forgive, this once the time is right for them.

Massive Emotional Burial
There are a mountain of hurts and pains which are stored deep within our subconscious minds, most we are not aware of or have forgotten. We don’t remember them, so we think we’re free of them.

All this pain however remains as energetic memory that’s stored dormant within. It secretly runs our lives, as it continuously keeps replaying over and over again, holding your consciousness in victim mode.

To forgive is how you can set yourself free, which raises your vibration, allowing yourself to relieve yourself from the victim conscious mentality, and move forward with your life.

Learning To Forgive
Forgiving also doesn’t mean that you’re accepting that person’s behavior, but more about releasing all the harmful energy that’s holding you back, this by excusing them of their misdeeds.

Once you hold on to negative emotions such as pain, fear, resentment, your giving the power away to those who you perceived did you wrong.


If you don’t forgive this person, you’re allowing your subconscious mind to run your life. You’re keeping yourself locked in a continuous victim cycle, this until you decide to release this energy by forgiving yourself and others.

To prove that you’re ready to heal yourself and everyone who’s ever done you wrong, you can do so by applying a simple mental exercise which will set free you.

To Forgive
Find a safe physical sanctuary, relax and then create a list. Go back far into your life as your memory allows, and then write down every single name that you can hear or see which caused any type of pain, hurt, or suffering in your life.

Go to the very beginning. Your parents, siblings, relatives, schoolmates, your workplace. Make sure that you write down every single name without judgment.

Once you’re done, then write down all the names of those that you’ve caused pain to, whether intentionally or not. Be honest. Then go through the list and for each person, repeat…

“I forgive (name) and I also forgive myself. I release all of the karmic energy that we’ve shared. I send you love and blessing, and cut any and all psychic cords with (name). I therefore completely accept the healing of my relationship with you!”

To Forgive And Release
This process may take a while as your list may be long, but it’s found to be extremely powerful and effective. So don’t pass this as being slight, as you’re giving direct instruction to your subconscious. Free yourself and then move on with your life.

If you’re having difficulty with forgiving someone in particular, then keep repeating the affirmation until you feel it lifting, until you know you’ve forgiven them and yourself completely.

Know that since you’ve now forgiven someone for their part in whatever the wrongdoing was, this doesn’t mean that you need to have or resume a relationship with them, this especially if it’s already been severed. Just forgive and then move on.

There are other powerful ways of freeing yourself by forgiving, such as through energy work, visualization, or meditation, all which works specifically in deprogramming your subconscious mind.

What you have is the power within to change your life, but it’s up to you. The first step begins by forgiving.

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