Realizing Prosperity Once Applying The Principles Of Forgiving

learning-how-to-forgiveIt’s important to know that you’re granted the power to choose your feelings. If they happen to resonate in a way that’s not in alignment with your higher self, and what you ultimately want in your life, such as abundance and prosperity. Then you’re defaulted to get something different.

What it relates to is your experience when it comes to prosperity, and to realize this, forgiveness is a must. If you don’t choose to forgive, what you’re doing is choosing the lack of it, which then translates into anger, resentment, fear, or frustration. These are the emotions that are not in alignment with the energy and emotion of abundance.

The consequences of that mindset will hurt you. Once your awareness remains in the state of negativity, what it resonates into is a scarcity consciousness.

This includes anger, the inability to trust others, inappropriate setting of boundaries, a perceived sense of righteousness, high expectations of self or others, the inability to move towards intimacy.

It’s All Connected
What’s known as fact, is that our inner world directly reflects our outer world. If you live in a state of prosperity consciousness, your outer world becomes an expression of riches, not only financially, but also of peace and happiness.

If you choose to live in a scarcity consciousness, fear for the sake of fear, always lacking and poor, then negativity will then manifest in your outer world.

Once you choose to come from a place of prosperity consciousness, which is love, feeling good, appreciation, and a deeper connection with your higher self, you’ll then begin to attract more prosperity which you never thought possible.

Learn To Forgive
So how can you become connected. If you haven’t yet forgiven yourself for all your mistakes, forgiven your friends and family for theirs, then that’s where you start

Realize how the scarcity mindset has manifested in your life. Are you able to identify the areas which lacks forgiveness, the ones with a heavy undercurrent of negativity, which jams up your flow of prosperity.

The most difficult part is knowing how to forgive. Although everyone’s different, there’s a basic formula for forgiveness, genuine forgiveness, and not the type where you pretend you’ve forgiven. You should feel a true shift.

Your Choice
Know that forgiveness is a choice, so consider it a skill. We weren’t taught to forgive, so don’t beat yourself up in your inability to forgive. Be good to yourself while honoring who you are.

Create A List
Begin with a forgiveness inventory. Learn to go through the process of consciously forgiving. Know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Ask yourself how you feel when you keep all the pain and resentment, the hurt and the anger. Like it or not, there’s a consequence.

From Fear To Love
Realize that the act of forgiveness is about moving from a state of fear, which is the scarcity consciousness, to love, which is the prosperity consciousness.

Know that fear, anger and resentment can’t accomplish anything. Then think what love can accomplish. Gauge how this resonates within you, and what you’re going to do about it.

Change Yourself
Accept the fact that you can’t change others, only yourself. Also realize that it’s possible to change yourself at a moments notice. Its called a “mind shift”.

Begin by practicing shifting away from fear, resentment, and negativity, and towards love. Note that once you’re persistent in practicing, it will gradually become easier in real life after awhile.


Can’t Mask It
The forgiveness process isn’t about minimizing or covering up your pain or the actions of others, or staying in a situation that doesn’t honor you. It’s more about a conscious choice to just let go, this towards your higher self, and the highest good of all.

It’s the choice of releasing and making decisions which are in alignment with the peace and prosperity that you”re wanting to create. It’s about freeing yourself while opening up possibilities, whether it be in your relationships, health, or finances.

Then Release It
Develop a forgiveness ritual, one which feels the best for you. Write in your journal, write unsent letters, vent when blogging, this by literally putting your feelings in your own words.

Gain complete control on how much you’re willing to let go. Keep perspective, keep your focus, while not dwelling on the negative. Choose to move towards “lightness” and love.

Choose better thoughts, such as ” I choose to place others first,” or “I choose to release and forgive,” or “I choose to honor myself first.”

If you think that you’ve forgiven, yet still feel resentment, then you haven’t forgiven yet. Ask yourself, when am I willing to release this. Keep asking yourself until it happens.

Forgive Others
Know that you can’t heal your pain if you refuse to forgive others. Honor yourself by forgiving and letting go. It’s good therapy for your body and soul. What your biography becomes is your biology.

Begin to understand that the majority of people aren’t out to intentionally hurt you. All they’re reacting to are their own fears, pain, and the issues they’re facing, when actions are taken and offenses made.

So just let go of all their wrongdoings, or it will become a part of your own biology, which isn’t worth it.

Perfection In Imperfect Souls
See others for the perfect souls that they are. Souls which were originally created from the source of love. Then ask yourself, how could you not forgive any source of love, as that’s who we are.

Choosing forgiveness becomes the first step. You can’t or need to rush the process, as learning how to forgive while using it in your life, is the key to prosperity, spiritual growth, and peace.