Why You Feel Uncomfortable When Growing Forward

Everything is in perpetual motion. This when were sleeping to the moment we wake up, the world is constantly changing, evolving forward, the clock is ticking onward. What’s more important is we’re also evolving as humans, this hopefully for the better.

What we feel is the culmination of these changes. Some good, while the majority aren’t that great and becomes uncomfortable.

What change involves is a drastic shift in emotions, and not all of them are always good while in transition.

Once we set forth to achieve our goals, doing …

How We Adapt To Face New Changes In Our Lives By Transition

howtoadjusttochangeChanging how we look or feel on a daily basis doesn’t seem that drastic. Most likely, we’ll look at ourselves in the mirror and find that we look the same as we did yesterday or the day before. What we’re able to change however is our cosmetics such as our hair style or clothing.

Then when you reflect back or look at photos which were taken five or ten years ago, the differences in our appearance can be drastic, as change is one constant that we have in our lives …