Why You Need An App Along With A Mobile Website For Customer Retention

consumersusingsmartphoneswhenshoppingAlthough apps are generally a little more expensive to develop, create and maintain than a Mobile Website, useful functional apps has the potential to go viral, becoming an extremely important adjunct towards a retailer or a marketer’s mobile promotional program. This when the intent is to deliver quick precise information or services which is appealing to their consumers.

Say for instance that there’s a company who markets athletic shoes, and their wanting to create a mobile app which can help their fitness conscious consumers to be able to …

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How To Develop Maintain And Market A Better Mobile App

howtobuildabetterappSo you’ve come to the conclusion that you or your company needs a mobile app. You went ahead and decided which of the mobile platforms to use, whether it be Apple’s iOS, Blackberry or Google’s Android, and have even gone as far as assigning or hiring someone to build it. You have written up and approved the sketches, design and functions and are now anxiously waiting as the development team hammers out the final details and product… well, it’s ready.

You are one of the first to download it …

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