7 Natural Ways To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

The annual tradition becomes healthier maintenance of the body, usually to shed off a few pounds we’ve accumulated during the year, especially once the warmer weather arrives.

What’s clinically proven for anyone who wants to become healthier, is that weight loss comprises of 70% percent diet and 30% percent exercise.

Although many think their fitness levels are adequate, what’s found more valuable is having the proper mindset, being in a good mood, to have more energy, this by getting adequate sleep, and choosing to eat better.

The simple formula for …

9 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In A Few Weeks… Really?

This is what some outrageous headlines will scream out and claim, that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days or something similar, which appears like seductive improbability and obvious “clickbait.” If it sounds too good to be true… then you know it is.

However, dietitians claim that there are clinical changes you can make immediately in your lifestyle, starting with the food you eat, adopting a strict exercise regimen, that can contribute towards helping you lose weight quickly and properly.

Always be careful with any type of sudden weight …

Know Your Fitness IQ When It Comes To Exercise And Weight Loss

learning to eat healthierSo the quest to lose weight and keep it off continues, as you’ve tried every new diet on the market, only to find they don’t work. Or there’s temporary weight loss, just to quickly gain it back. So the never ending battle continues, one that you can’t seem to win. This sounds familiar and becomes extremely frustrating.

What many don’t have is the right information, this to successfully and permanently reach their weight loss goals. There’s plenty of diet misnomers out there that’s floating around, and the information available can …

The Number 1 Reason Why Your Diet Doesn’t Work It Sucks

someone who has successfully lost weightThere are reasons why a custom tailored diet is more effective than a generic “one diet fits all” type of weight loss program. The majority of dieters however, for one reason or another, will continue to avoid any diets which are personalized for them.

True, there are diets which will give you the option of eating either, cottage cheese or yogurt, or you can choose between baked salmon or boiled chicken for dinner, or blueberries or cherries for desert.

The reasons for these food based options is because it gives …

Natural Herbal Remedies Which Can Help You Lose Weight

omega-3 based oils which promote weight lossYou almost hear a collective gasp every morning as dieters across the nation step on their scales and then discover that, disappointed, despite their best weight losing efforts, they’re just not able to shed those extra pounds.

They strictly follow all of the conventional recommendations, eat right, eat less, and exercise off those calories. But the poundage remains on the body. So why does losing weight become such a difficult process. It shouldn’t be any more difficult than burning more calories than you add, right?

There are other reasons, however, …