Natural Herbal Remedies Which Can Help You Lose Weight

omega-3 based oils which promote weight lossYou almost hear a collective gasp every morning as dieters across the nation step on their scales and then discover that, disappointed, despite their best weight losing efforts, they’re just not able to shed those extra pounds.

They strictly follow all of the conventional recommendations, eat right, eat less, and exercise off those calories. But the poundage remains on the body. So why does losing weight become such a difficult process. It shouldn’t be any more difficult than burning more calories than you add, right?

There are other reasons, however, from certain food sensitivities to managing stress levels which sabotages the best weight-loss plans and efforts. Although proper dieting as well as exercising does play a critical role, it’s that some of those strategies just aren’t effective.

Then there are others, for physiological reasons, who needs to expend more effort when they’re wanting to shed a bit of weight, than those slim sleek individuals who are able to eat anything they want, and never gain weight because of there high burning metabolism.

We all also have bad habits and give in to certain cravings, or have a slow burning, sluggish and stubborn fat accumulating furnace. Regardless of what our particular obstacles may be, there are alternative methods, such as herbal formulas and remedies which can and have proven to help lose weight more effectively.

Best Natural Herbs For Losing Weight

For Burning Fat And Boosting Metabolism, Try Guggul
It’s Guggul, not Google. Guggul is an Ayurvedic remedy which is primarily used for lowering cholesterol, relieving pain in joints, and helping in weight loss.

In a recent study, one group of test subjects were asked to take 750mg of guggul on a daily basis, while simultaneously doing a combination of strength along with aerobic based training. This 3 times a week for a period of 6 weeks. The result was an average loss of 8 pounds who took the herb.


The other group who were asked to exercise the same but were given a placebo, lost on average 1 to 1 1/2 pounds. What Guggul does is it helps the body metabolize fat as well as improving thyroid function by directly increasing the thyroid hormone levels.

If Your Weakness Is Sweets, Try Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema Sylvestre is derived from a wild plant which grows in India and Africa. What gymnema does is it reduces the ability for you to taste sweetness.

The molecules in gymnema are similar to glucose as it fills the tongues taste bud receptors, making it appear like you’ve just got a sugar fix. During a recent study, it was found that for those who took a dose of gymnema, had a diminished perception of anything sweet, and, once they were offered snacks, they ate less, thus consuming fewer calories. One warning is, however, that it’s been linked with lowering blood sugar, so it’s advised to take the recommended dosage.

Getting Energy From Reishi Mushrooms
Reishi mushrooms, which are most commonly harvested in the wild, usually grow naturally on fallen logs. This particular species of mushrooms which is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, builds strength as well as improving one’s immunity while fighting fatigue.

This may be the reason why it’s believed that they work well for weight loss purposes. The effectiveness of the reishi mushroom, however, when it comes to weight loss is anecdotal.

The weight loss logic is that it’s a lot easier to stick with a healthy diet while exercising if you’re feeling stronger and more energetic. Reishi in TCM is also recommended to treat hypertension as well.

Burn Body Fat With Omega-3 Fish Oil
Fish oil, specifically omega- 3 fatty acids alters the way the body is able to manage its fat content. So instead of just storing unwanted fat, the body instead burns it off as fuel.

In a recent study, researchers found that the combination of both fish oil and regular exercise reduced body fat. Omega-3 fish oil also appears to put a stop to certain kinds of fat cravings, while reducing the intake of those unwanted fats.

To Boost Up Metabolism Try Green Tea Extract
What green tea contains are compounds which are known as catechins, which are a class of antioxidants that’s been associated with increasing one’s metabolism along with stimulating the fat burning process.

In a recent study, the first test group of men who were asked to consume 700mg of green tea extract on a daily basis, lost more weight than the other controlled group who didn’t take the supplement.


The green tea group lost on average 5.5 pounds compared to just 2.9 pounds for the stationary group. Studies have shown that green tea extract has the same results in women as well.

To Reduce Food Craving, Try L-Glutamine
Once the blood sugar levels drop off in the body, there’s a natural craving for more food since the brain doesn’t get the required fuel that it needs.

But once you take the supplement L-glutamine, which is an amino acid, and it’s absorbed into the system, what it does is it fuels and then satisfies the brains craving.

It does so by diminishing the “panic” which makes you crave fat based sweets as well as starch based foods. There’s also evidence which supports taking L-glutamine supplements potentially facilitates weight loss by how it affects the conversion, as well as the storage of calories.


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