4 Signs You Are About To By Dumped By Your New Love

Country music has become an industry of songs about getting dumped, duped, heartbreak, woe is me. This occurs during the initial stages of the dating process. Dating is the gateway to love, the stepping stone to finding romance, a prelude to marriage.

We are the only species on the planet, that’s required to go through this ritual when seeking out a mate to capture a relationship.

The biggest issue being we never accurately know who or what that recent new date is thinking.

Is there any chemistry, a connection, is …

The Art Of The Attraction How To Turn A Friendship Into Love

have-a-crush-on-someoneNo one wants to hear the dreaded “Lets be friends,” as the friend zone is where you don’t want to be. It can result in keep or cut bait. Whether that person is a new acquaintance, someone that you’ve worked with for years, or someone you went to school with, you feel a connection, and you want to go beyond being friends.

A friend who doesn’t reciprocate back, this by constantly denying your romantic interest, becomes a challenging situation to navigate. You boldly profess your love, and then risk losing …