The Requisites Of Escaping The Rat Race To Become Your Own Boss

What we learn early in life is structure, this from school. The routine 9-to-3 sets us up, for a life of working for a living as adults. So because of this, not everyone is capable of working independently to earn money. Many need the predictability and the security, of a regular job and paycheck.

So the majority, will devote their lives to the traditional 9-to-5 grind, the workforce, and comply to the employer/employee relationship, where we can thrive under stable and secure working conditions. Many prefer to receive direction from …

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How To Get Funding Or Find Investors For Your Latest Projects

What every wanna be entrepreneur, if and when they’re wanting or ready to expand, needs is capital. So they seek funding through venture capitalists or angel investors. In their attempts to do so, it begins and ends with their approach, where their pitch is usually structured wrong.

What’s found common is that the same mistakes are being made, by those seeking financing. What most entrepreneurs who are looking for capital believes, is that it’s their company that stands far beyond everyone else. That they have a far superior product or …

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The Key Traits For Those Wanting To Become An Entrepreneur

take-a-leap-of-faithThere are many who despises their current jobs, so they set their sights on becoming an entrepreneur. Many are taking the quantum leap to becoming self employed, to start their own business. This is easier said than done, as the statistics for failure remain staggering. Entrepreneurs it’s found, is a rare species of individual.

The majority don’t have what it takes, so the key becomes to narrowing down its traits. What’s known is that there’s a complex set of characteristics, this to become successful. Most of these can be difficult …

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Projections Of Failure The Plight Of The Bumbling Entrepreneur

becoming an entrepreneurThe intent is to succeed in business. The freedom and the empowerment of doing your own thing. Not needing to listen to anyone by dictating your time while ruling how much you earn. This on paper sounds perfect. Everyone wants to see theirs or any business flourish.

To become an entrepreneur, where one will dedicate massive elbow grease, sweat, and tears, wants it to instantly bloom. But realize that 82% percent of all new business ventures will fail miserably within its first few years, and the reason always isn’t a …

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Developing The Cutting Edge Ruthless Drive Of An Entrepreneur

becoming an entrepreneurAre you a rebel, highly opinionated, and at times loud mouthed. Do you seek the thrill of risk, change, constantly eager to try out the next new thing, venture. You despise the idea of security, becoming a victim of corporate culture.

Are you fiercely independent, who’s able handle the uncertainty which comes with being responsible for your own financial survival. To face a brave new world on your own. These are the most common traits of being an entrepreneur. Do you have it in you, do you have what it …

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Establishing A Belief Of Prosperity As An Entrepreneur

a belief system to achieve successWe grow up with certain limiting beliefs and as a result become boxed into thinking that we can do so much, or go so far in our lives. We’re mechanically fitted with blinders to fulfill certain self defined projected objectives.

The biggest challenge then becomes that we realize we need to work through and then broadly expand our horizons, eliminating these limiting beliefs and barriers.

It begins today that you take a stand for what you truly believe in, what you believe is your destiny, to be proactive while staying …

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Take The Survey Do You Possess The Traits Of A Leader

do you show the traits of a leaderYou most likely realize by now that when attempting to achieve any level of success, it’s usually what you don’t do, rather than what you do.

If you query any accomplished entrepreneur or executive, they’ll tell you it can be as simple as being focused on the single task at hand, and being consistent, which are the keys to their success as a leader.

Most will see this as a foundation to build upon, but the temptation of attempting to do more, or giving in to distraction, is what …

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How And Why Entrepreneurs Differ From Small Business Owners

how entrepreneurs are different from small business ownersYou would think that Entrepreneurs and small business owners are one of the same. Aren’t they cut from the same pattern, the need for self independence while displaying leadership skills.

Experts are realizing, however, that the majority of small business owners are not able to truly identify and transform their actions, much like entrepreneurs are able to do.

This because the majority of the individuals who began their small businesses, pretty much remain stagnant in progression from where they originally began, and haven’t improved or expanded at all. This as …

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