Being Self Honest Is The First Step Towards Contentment

Being honest appears to be a simple concept to abide by. To live a life of complete truthfulness, towards others and especially yourself. To adopt the core basic principles, for living a healthy happy life. Being honest, being real however is proving to be a difficult process to adopt.

The reason being, what being honest entails is enacting certain spiritual principles in yourself. The ones which can improve anxiety, anger, or addiction.

This spirituality isn’t to be confused with being religious, obeying to a god. But it’s rather finding ways …

9 Traits Every Authentic Person Has In Common

They’re the life of the party, the light that illuminates a dark cloudy room. They radiate, sprinkling their energy and confidence. What they have, this regardless of what they lack, is a glow from their brilliant magnetic personality. Everyone is attracted to these authentic beings.

Even those who may be skeptical of people or things, will find themselves enamored and overtaken by these charming souls.

They’re the ones you turn to for advice, for help, a story, for companionship.

You can’t get enough of them, as you’re left gasping in …

9 Traits Of Genuine Honest People In Your Life

Is asking for honesty from others, friends and foes, really too much to ask for. Is this the reason why we put more validity on those who appear genuine, while avoiding those who are egocentric with a ”me” first attitude. The problem becomes, those who are deceptive think they’re actually being genuine.

So how do we detect, what the signs of those who exudes honesty? Do they appear more straightforward and look you in the eye, while a fake person operates on their own agenda.

What’s known is those who …