9 Ways On How To Become An Authentic Lovable Person In Life

They’re the life of the party, the light that illuminates a dark moody room. They radiate, sprinkling their energy and confidence. What they have, regardless of what they lack, is a glow from their brilliant magnetic personality. Everyone is attracted to these authentic beings.

Even those who may be skeptical of people or things, will find themselves enamoured and overtaken by these charming souls.

They’re the ones you turn to for advice, for help, to tell a story, for companionship.

You can’t get enough of them, as you’re left gasping in wonder. “Why are they so brilliant?” “What makes them so dynamic?”

The Authentic Being

The key difference it’s their high sense of self-worth, which illuminates from within.

Authentic people never search for validation, because they have the confidence to find it in themselves. What they have are certain habits, to maintain this perspective.

Being so irresistible, becoming authentic isn’t the result of getting lucky.

It’s more a matter of learning then adopting the habits of others who are authentic, then applying them for your own benefit.

1.) – They Respect Everyone

Whether they’re interacting with a client, “liking” someone on Facebook, or they’re a server taking your dinner order. Authentic people are constantly and unfailingly polite and respectful to everyone.

They understand being nice is important to the person they’re sharing coffee with. They’re kind to every soul they meet.

They also realize it’s all for naught, if someone happens to witness them behaving badly towards someone else. So they’re always on attention.

What they do is treat everyone with complete respect, because they know they’re no better than they are.

2.) – They Know The “Platinum” Rule

The “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” protocol, has a flaw. What it’s assuming is everyone wants to be treated the same way, that they themselves would want to be treated.

What it ignores is people are motivated differently. One person might love public recognition, while someone else might be too shy to be the centre of attention.

The Platinum Rule, treats others as how they would would want to be treated as an individual. This is based on their likes and dislikes, as everyone has different personalities.

Authentic people are experts at reading people, and they’ll adjust their style and behaviour to make others feel comfortable in their own skin.


3.) – Authentic People Can Connect

It becomes impossible to have an emotional reaction, or judge someone, when having “small talk” with someone you’re not familiar with.

When approaching others with small talk systematically, what doing so does is places your brain on autopilot. This prevents you from having any type of real affinity with them.

What authentic people will do is create a connection somehow, and will find reason even in short everyday conversations, such as gossip.

Because they’re genuinely interested in you, it’s easy for them to ask relevant questions, since they’re able to relate to what you’re saying.

4.) – They Focus On Others Rather Than Themselves

What authentic people have is a genuine interest in everyone they come in contact with, strangers or not. What they don’t do is spend much time talking about themselves, things or their surroundings.

They never obsess over if they’re liked, because they’re too busy focusing on the people they’re with. That’s what makes their authenticity appear effortless.

To adopt this habit, put down that smartphone and have the respect to pay attention to those around you.

Listen to what they’re saying, and not what your rebuttal is going to be, or how or what they’re saying affects you.

Once someone tells you something about themselves, ask them open ended questions, which draws them out even more.

5.) – Authentic People Know Opinion From Fact

Authentic people can handle sensitive topics with grace and poise. They will express their opinion, while making it clear it’s just an opinion, and not fact.

Whether they’re discussing politics, global warming, or the pandemic, authentic people recognize others are just as intelligent as they are, regardless of what their viewpoint may be.

6.) – Authentic People Are Completely Honest

They’re completely transparent. Nobody needs to second guess or wonder what they’re agenda or motive is, or what they’ll do next. They remain honest because they know people can sniff out a phony.

People gravitate towards those who are authentic, because they know they can trust them.

It becomes difficult not to resist them, because they know who they are, that they will get the straight goods from them.

7.) – Authentic People Have Integrity

Those who have high integrity are irresistible. This because what they do is walk their walk, talk their talk, they will do what they say they will. Integrity is a simple concept, but a difficult thing to keep.

They attempt to demonstrate integrity on a daily basis. Those who are authentic will constantly follow through on their promises, while avoiding talking down or bad about anyone.

They’ll always do the right thing at the right time, even if it personally hurts them, or sets them back.

8.) – Authentic People Always Appear At Their Best

There’s a stark difference when it comes to being presentable and being vain. Those who are authentic makes the effort to always look their best. It’s similar to cleaning their house before their guests arrive.

It’s a sign of respect they show to others and have for others, and that is to be at their best, physically and emotionally at all times.

Once they make themselves as presentable as possible by habit, then that’s one less thing they need to worry about.

9.) – Authentic People Love Living Life

Authentic people are always positive and passionate, regardless of the mood their in. They will never become bored or be boring, because they consider living life a gift.

What they do is approach every moment of every day, every challenge they face the best they can.

It’s not that authentic people are problem free, they just choose to approach their issues as temporary setbacks, and not inescapable fate.

Once things do go wrong or bad, they’ll just remind themselves it’s just a bad day, and this to will pass.

They know that tomorrow, next week, or next month will be a lot better, as they create their own destiny.