Questions To Ask When Searching For True Purpose In Life

What’s the real reason for going to school anyways. Is it to help organize and train the mind forward towards maturity, to become full fledged functioning adults. Or is the purpose of education to teach students on the latest health, social, past history and current world events.

Is it for the sorting out, pinpointing, isolating and the funnelling process of determining ones true calling in life.

To search for and help reach the true potential for every individual in the organized world, to find our designated talent, occupation, or profession.

The skill or aptitude on what we’re purported to excel at, to find what our true purpose is, which to many may appear evasive.

Do What You Do

It’s admirable and concise if you find your calling early in life, such as that 5 year old self taught piano prodigy.

But beyond exceptions, it appears the mass majority of people search and scratch for answers of their existence.

The truth being the majority of us may never find our true purpose, or discover it too late in life so we can’t do anything about it.

Then as life stumbles on, you begin to get branded with that gigantic “L” plastered to your forehead.

You proceed to blame the universe, fate, religion, a curse, your mom, your poor upbringing the reasons you’ve been shunned in life.

To Move Out Of The Comfort Zone

So there you are, suddenly quitting your job, your career, which you once thought was your calling in life.

You want a new path for your life, so you abandon everything you know. You prepare yourself for a new beginning, a new life form.

You however become confused, anxious, isolated as you begin swimming in a sea of futility.

After all those years of post secondary education in your chosen field, along with the decades of practical experience you are now lost.

You find yourself in a state of flux, as you constantly change jobs or can’t find work, wondering where you went wrong.

Then A Light Begins To Flicker

Then something happens, something you can’t appoint yourself, a fire begins to grow within you.

One day, hopefully sometime soon, this feeling hits you square in the cortex.

You are reborn, you reemerge and claim your new true calling in life, you feel hope once again.


What once appeared like despair, now appears predictable and coming to a resolve.

Where this journey takes you is down a path of belief, based around what it means or what it takes to find your true intent.

So when it comes to your true calling, know when it’s time to make that move.

Is There Just “One” True Calling In Life?

There are certain “callings,” that suddenly appear out of the blue, but they may have an expiration date.

So just do what you need to do today, right at this moment, to complete the task that feels right.

You may eventually then be called to do something new at any time.

Explore that calling which feels the most natural to you.

You Need To Write Down This Calling

You need to write down concisely what you feel your true calling is, much like you would a business plan.

It’s also impossible to have a business plan, without knowing what your purpose in life is first.

Meanwhile, just follow the path that’s presented to you and do so one day at a time, which drives you closer to your goal.

Learn to hone your new craft as you narrow in on your purpose, until one day you say… “Yes, this is it!”

But to get there, expect a lot of, “Hell no this is wrong” as well. That’s just the steps in the process.

Do True Callings Come With Big Paychecks

Money isn’t always the reason. Say your calling is to become a monk in a monastery, or you want to be a housewife rearing 4 children, as that’s where you find your true peace.

There are some who are called to do volunteer work in poverty stricken countries, distributing food in refugee camps, where they feel the most comfortable.

Your true calling may not involve getting paid for it at all, but obviously it’s essential that you do.

Life Becomes Easier Once You Find Your Calling

Finding your true calling may make you feel like you’re completely in the flow, but most often you’ll hit some rough patches along the way.

What these challenges will pose is you reaffirming your commitment, to not giving up by fulfilling what you feel you’re called to do.

It’s a constant reminder on how much you what to do, what you feel is the best for you.

To Give Up Everything To Find Your Calling

At times to find your true calling, some will take a leap of faith, and give up that steady income which is paying the bills.

This may work for some, but your true calling shouldn’t be considered “all or nothing.”

It’s foolish you burn all of your bridges, and leave yourself isolated because you can’t then survive in life, which that current job allows.

What you need is to first develop a life plan, and then begin fulfilling that calling on the side when time permits.

You Need To Start From Scratch

Some feel they have to completely break down, isolate, dissect and dissolve their lives to discover that true calling breakthrough.

That however doesn’t always need to be the case, if you listen to all the whispers from the universe.

There’s no need to wait for that “whack” on the side of the head to realize your true calling.

You don’t have to wait for the almighty hand of God to hit you with the answers you’re seeking.

When it’s time, you can take that leap of faith which you know is your calling, but it takes courage and conviction to do so.

To Find Your True Calling

So make it your life quest, to find what your true purpose in life is. You also may find you’ve been living it all along.

Realize how and what you’re meant to do in this life, to best serve mankind.

Determine what type of legacy will you leave on this earth, what you will be remembered for, once you fulfill your life’s true calling.

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