Questions To Ask When Searching For True Purpose In Life

What’s the real reason for going to school anyways. Is it to help organize and train the mind forward towards maturity, to become full fledged functioning adults. Or is the purpose of education to teach students on the latest health, social, past history and current world events.

Is it for the sorting out, pinpointing, isolating and the funnelling process of determining ones true calling in life.

To search for and help reach the true potential for every individual in the organized world, to find our designated talent, occupation, or profession.…

Reasons You May Never Find Your True Purpose In Life

You can clearly see it in their eyes, those who have found their true calling in life. Living their life with purpose and passion, what they’re intended to do. Working and living life with ultimate purpose, is a process which involves self discovery, an action the majority never take, let alone fulfill.

The biggest fear many have, the biggest question for most is the current path they’re taking. If the road they’ve chosen is the right one or not.

There’s a certain belief, finding one’s true purpose means establishing a …

Is Your Ego Preventing You From Finding Your True Calling

how big is your egoAre you really happy with what your occupation in life is, your profession, or are you just hanging in there in your business because of your ego. What needs to be determined is distinguishing the two, deciding what’s guiding you, your ego or your true calling.

This because your ego and true calling in life appears strikingly similar. What both will do is gravitate you towards the realization of what you want, your desires. Both will completely consume your life, when you’re awake or in your dreams, by flooding you …