Reasons You May Never Find Your True Purpose In Life

You can clearly see it in their eyes, those who have found their true calling in life. Living their life with purpose and passion, what they’re intended to do. Working and living life with ultimate purpose, is a process which involves self discovery, an action the majority never take, let alone fulfill.

The biggest fear many have, the biggest question for most is the current path they’re taking. If the road they’ve chosen is the right one or not.

There’s a certain belief, finding one’s true purpose means establishing a solid career, being socially accepted, and accumulating wealth. Yet, many feel vacant inside.

Even once they admit they’re not fulfilled, with all of the trappings of life and what success has to offer. They continue to cling on to these illusions since that’s all they know.

So here’s a thought. Perhaps our true purpose in life, is completely separate from what we’re currently doing for a living.

Perhaps this purpose is rather really about discovering who you are, and living as authentic as possible.

It’s thought however that the majority, can’t comprehend this type of perspective.

Establishing A Career Before Finding Your True Calling

Society has boxed success into a list we need to check off:

• Make sure you graduate from school and get post secondary education
• Find a suitable partner, and have kids
• Then put your nose to the grindstone and establish your chosen career
• Hang in there until you retire

What following this road map does, is it pushes the masses in the direction of conformity rather than purpose.

We then become busy avoiding every self-induced fear, such as not being smart enough, attractive enough, creative enough.

Then we find we don’t have the time to ask ourselves, if we’re truly happy.

Realize finding your true purpose, your calling in life is all about listening to your true inner voice.

Allowing your mind to speak back to you, while not telling your life what you’re wanting to do with it.

Do What You Love

This calling is usually compulsive and passionate. It can begin as an inkling such as, “I would like to try that,” which then turns into something you can’t rid your mind of.

This calling won’t necessarily be an easy path, and most likely abstract to what you’re currently doing, which is the reason why most won’t ever pursue it.


We then get scared of potentially failing, appearing foolish, and the “risk” that we need to take.

So as a result, we continue to work at our chosen “unhappy” career instead, this since it matches all of the requirements we’ve been told to “check” off.

Responding To External Instead Internal Forces

We’re taught from a young age to listen to authority. Our teachers, parents, and mentors for guidance. Social compliance becomes an important part of our childhood.

We comply to how we should be acting in relation to how everyone else is.

The issues begin once we want to extend this process, which includes things such as exploring our life’s purpose.

The majority of people usually with good intent, will attempt to “slot” you into a hole depending on your aptitude, which makes the most sense.

So to gain their approval, to oblige, you’re willing to do it. To maintain this approval, you then continuously deny who you really are, just to comply to the wishes of someone else.

You Know But Often Ignore Your Deficiencies

This involves your dark side, that dark passenger, and we all have one. The underbelly, the negatives of your personality which you don’t want others to see.

These are your deficiencies, your selfishness and your faults. We would just rather flee, before anyone else can see this side of us.

But you know it’s a part of your life, these emotional troubles you want to hide.

These issues are also what you’ll learn the most from, when it comes to your ultimate life’s purpose.

When it comes to self-discovery, it’s your darkness that will expose where you need to grow the most.

It shows you where you’re most deficient, where or who you need to learn from the most.

It’s usually those who you dislike, who criticizes you, that will teach you the most about yourself. Many however will just ignore this, bury this darkness.

Instead, what you seek is comfort, warmth, the light, by finding comfortable relationships, which will just reinforce your stale boring image and personality.

You Comply To Distraction

We live in a world which values silence, while frowning on those who takes radical action.

Living in silence, can be dangerous. What you’ll end up believing, is that what your ego wants is your life’s purpose, which often doesn’t end well.

If you live a life where your ego is in charge of your life, you’re then headed for disappointment, while also raising the question. “If I’m having such a great life, then why don’t I feel fulfilled?”

What being silent does, is it muffles out all the noise and distractions which creates space for your true authenticity to surface.

Take a moment and ask yourself how your life is really going, how work is going, and then wait for an answer.

This silence gives your life the time to converge, before you get distracted again.

Not Giving Enough Credit To Your Unconscious Mind

To find your true life purpose, what you need is to get comfortable and listen more to your non-logical mind, your constantly streaming subconscious messages.

Get accustomed, to not having all of the answers. Begin to tolerate ambiguity while accepting struggle to get what you really want.

Becoming emotional, rather than thinking your way to a purposeful life, rarely works.