The Secret To Attracting Money Is By Manifesting Some

The first initial step when it comes to accumulating more money, is applying what we learned in Grade school. Addition and subtraction. Earn more while spending less. How we’re conditioned to earn more however, is either work more hours at the current job, or find a better paying job.

Although they are the easiest solutions to increase cash flow, what they won’t do is increase our money consciousness.

You can easily get a second or third job, but you could also easily go out and spend that extra money you’ve …

Money Is The Potential Evil That Could Destroy Our Willpower

why money means different things to different peopleMoney, more the lack of having enough money, is identified as the main culprit, the evil, which strips us of our willpower, our motivation. Although there should be more pressing issues which diminishes this core strength, it’s thought that the money energy is what’s responsible for us feeling famished.

We all have our own particular money issues, whether we have it in abundance or are dirt poor. Research suggests that just thinking, usually worrying about money erodes our energy. Some wonder how this can be possible.

It’s thought that the …

Whoever Said Money Is The Key To Happiness Doesn’t Have Any

someone who has a money tree in their backyardWhenever you think about money, what instantly pops into your head is that tune from The Apprentice, money money money. Then there’s always that question, if you could only choose one of either: money, happiness, or fame, which one would it be.

When it comes to income, those positions with higher salaries, they’re generally considered more stressful, which requires more commitment, responsibility, potential relocation and travel, which takes away personal time and freedom, impedes on one’s health, which can deprive happiness.

There are religions which teach that true happiness …

Worrying About Money Is Still The Biggest Cause Of Stress

how money is based on trustOnce the level of the money supply begins to dwindle, then invariably our level of stress begins to go sky high. From an evolutionary standpoint, money has become the ultimate yet elusive lubricant, a seductive yet critical and vital resource which makes us tick for our very survival.

Therefore, the trail which money leads needs to be explored. It does not really have a face or identity, nor does it really belong to anyone. Money when it’s in virtual liquid form, can slither snake like through anyone’s fingers who has …