7 Ways To Naturally Elevate Mood In Tough Times

Endorphins which are activated in the brain, are known as the body’s “feel good” chemicals. Once they’re released, what’s experienced is that natural high, that sudden injection of a boost in mood.

Endorphins also helps in alleviating body and muscle aches and soreness, as it acts as a natural pain reliever.

The problem with endorphins however, is you just can’t tap the brain and release it, once you need some relief.

Whats needed are certain activities so they’ll be activated, this to feel that natural rush. There are a variety …

How To Pump Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down And Depressed

when feeling a little downThere are poor habits that we adopt and then feel in the dumps. What can result is we falling in a dark hole of despair and then feel blue. What this results in is low energy, while the rate of productivity slows down to a halt, exaggerating the feeling of misery.

As the energy level begins to plummet, it becomes more difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This can result in a more daunting task to pull out of, this especially if there’s no awareness …