7 Ways To Naturally Elevate Mood In Tough Times

Endorphins which are activated in the brain, are known as the body’s “feel good” chemicals. Once they’re released, what’s experienced is that natural high, that sudden injection of a boost in mood.

Endorphins also helps in alleviating body and muscle aches and soreness, as it acts as a natural pain reliever.

The problem with endorphins however, is you just can’t tap the brain and release it, once you need some relief.

Whats needed are certain activities so they’ll be activated, this to feel that natural rush. There are a variety of ways to do so, organically.

7. Sniff Some Lavender

Boosting mood, can be as simple as “stopping and smelling the flowers,” as the saying goes. What’s known to work in particular, is sniffing the lavender flower.

What’s not needed however is going into the forest, searching for this wild purple plant.

All that’s needed is going to the local health store, and getting some lavender essence oil. What sniffing this aromatic essence does, is provides immediate pain numbing effects.

The reason for this, is because what the human brain has is an emotional response to any type of fragrance or odour.

Once sniffing the pleasant scent of lavender, the brain instantly releases endorphins, along with other neurotransmitters.

6. Getting Acupuncture Treatment

One proven fast track way of naturally releasing endorphins, is by getting this ancient Asian practice, provided you’re up to it.

Although this method may not initially conjure up feelings of getting in a better mood, the effect of acupuncture is now a widely accepted practice, as it’s known to block out pain.

One advanced method, is sending small amounts of electrical current through the needles, which are known to have yet better results.

What it offers is maximal therapeutic relief, provided it’s probed in the right areas. What acupuncture releases are opioids, specifically endorphins.

5. Moderately Spiked Beverages

In this day and age, any promotion of alcohol is frowned upon, so this recommendation is based more on a clinical study.

This isn’t encouraging to hit the wine bottle hard, but what a variety of sources claim, is having the occasion “adult” beverage in moderation, is capable of triggering happy feelings.

What alcohol does, is naturally releases endorphins in the body. The key is moderation, to elevate this mood.

If drank in excess, what everyone is aware of, are the detrimental effects of getting tipsy, and is never recommended.


There’s also the obvious health issues associated, where drinking too much eventually becomes addictive, counteractive, and detrimental.

So just keep it at 1 or 2 drinks for best results, once or twice a week.

4. Listening To Or Playing Music

This can be just chilling out, while listening to your favourite tunes. To accelerate the process, you playing an instrument or singing yourself, can activate the endorphins even quicker.

What music does is instantly puts you in a better mood. So when feeling down, put on your headphones and crank up the music, while singing and dancing to the rhythm.

It’s known performing the music yourself, such as playing in a band, rather than just listening to it, has the greatest endorphin releasing effect.

To get the maximum musical therapy release, learn to play an instrument or hit the local karaoke bar.

3. Eat Dark Chocolate

Perhaps the best news, is that the silky smooth taste and texture of chocolate, is capable of boosting mood, and it’s back by scientific proof.

It needs to be dark chocolate however, the more pure the better.

What dark chocolate contains, are mood boosting chemicals such as phenethylamine, which naturally promotes endorphins.

Other than getting in a better mood, what chocolate also activates is the chemical theobromine, which is naturally capable of suppressing pain.

What this allows for, is the stressed out brain to focus more on pleasure. The key becomes to not overeat it, as it contains too many calories.

2. Group Fitness Exercising

What’s known is working up a sweat, is one of the best ways of activating endorphins. What’s found even better, is exercising with others in a group setting, as it accelerates the process.

Not only will working out with friends keep you motivated, there’s also the feeling of shared effort, which enhances the feeling of happiness.

Any group scenario, such as playing on a sports team or going jogging with friends at the local park, sweating in synchronization, does is instills the feel good chemicals for everyone involved.

If you’re not able to find an exercise partner, then aerobic type of exercises such as pilates or yoga is recommended.

1. Getting A Massage

Although exercising remains the premier method of releasing endorphins, laying still and getting a deep soothing massage, allowing someone to rub the trigger points and anger out of you, is found to be excellent as well.

What those who offers massages claim, is what massaging does is targets areas which releases endorphins quicker and more directly into the bloodstream.

It can do so to the point it may initially you leave you feeling a tad light-headed.

What’s known for certain, is the aftereffects of getting a professional massage, not only reduces physical pain and aches in the body, but also alleviates stress, anxiety, and worry.