9 Ways On How To Be The Best Possible Employee You Can Be

Everyone needs to work for a living, to sustain themselves, to put food on the table. That’s where daddy was when we were young. He would go away, and come back home exhausted, while he would just grunt as he wolfed down his dinner. Being a successful employee is similar to running your own business, this with no risk but a guaranteed paycheck. All that’s required is listening to and complying to what your boss and customers want you to do, this to get paid. All that’s required from you …

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The Need To Alter Your Career Search Strategy Going Forward

get the job that you wantWhat schools will rarely teach is how to find and keep a job to establish a career. What they’ll teach is everything else approaching it. So those stumbling into the workforce, the monster with teeth that is working for a living, they’re completely lost in what to do.

Let alone the process of finding a job but to build a career that is satisfying and matches their aptitude. As a result, the majority of the population are unhappy with their jobs. It’s estimated that just 15% percent of the workforce …

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The Biggest Expense For Any Company Remains Employee Turnover

findingajobyoulikeIt doesn’t make sense for any company to continuously fire their employees as a cost cutting measure. This in a tight economy where saving on expenses is valuable for profit, while the market for talented skilled workers is becoming scarce due to automation.

The last thing any company wants is high employee turnover. Not only is finding new employees extremely costly, but it’s also time consuming when it comes to training these new workers to refill the vacant positions, as new replacements are needed.

So the best solution for any …

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Why Social Media Is The Best Way To Recruit The New Workforce

using social mediaThat vapor suction you hear are the baby boomers vacating the workforce in droves, as the age of retirement looms while the ease of technology threatens. So organizations and employers of all shapes and sizes, are engaged in the task of recruiting new talent.

In the past, setting up a hiring booth at the local college was the major method, when it came to hiring professional, technical, or managerial employees with potential. All that was required was sponsoring information sessions at a job “cattle” call, then hiring the best talent.…

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Avoiding The Common Pitfalls When Preparing For Job Interviews

having a good job interviewJob interviews are like blind dates, so it’s natural to feel a bit nervous. The key is to minimize the jitters by preparing for it. It begins with mapping out where they’re physically located, this so you’ll arrive on time, while also researching the company on the Internet.

You need to be ready since you have no idea what’s going to be asked of you, so preparation is the key, which will display your ease and confidence. You can best prepare and be ready by knowing and expecting the most …

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The Most Common Lies That Are Told During Job Interviews

know when someone is lying or notThere’s constant deception when it comes to the selection process, this when searching for the ideal employee. There’s currently no better method than interviewing, putting the candidate in the spotlight, asking questions to find if they’re suitable for the job.

During this process, the deception extends mutually. Both sides will tell little “white” lies. But who’s more prevalent, the one who’s being interviewed, or the one who’s conducting the interview. Telling these “untruths” can prove incompatibility.

Certain lies can evolve into becoming bigger concerns. What’s also important is the job …

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How To Interview Becoming The Leading Prospect For Any Job

how to job interviewWhat some will often assume is that since they have that stellar academic record, that degree from the right University, that they’ll just shoot right to the top of the list for any job that they apply for, instantly impressing, wowing any interviewer in any industry.

But in today’s tight economic conditions, standing out and shining takes a lot more than slick hair, polished shoes, a shiny disposition and resume. The key becomes knowing what your strengths are, and tailoring them to fit into the various work environments presented.

What …

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Why We Are Never Taught Life Lessons Like How To Earn Money

how to make money in businessOne big omission in life is that we’re never taught how to earn money, of the nuances about the acquisition of money and preserving wealth. It appears that our educational system, the schools that we attend, will teach us about its theory, but never how to earn it.

School, the burden that’s placed to educate us has a certain protocol set in place of teaching anyone who cares to learn, listen, and apply the knowledge to good use. We learn of mathematics, language, science, social studies, history, physical education, etc.…

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