Get Pinterest Followers Then Turn Those Images Into Traffic

man holding a pinterest signIt’s now official that the new social craze on the Net is Pinterest. This is where millions of pinners are posting their favorite images on the site, only to be shared virally by others.

It’s new, different and an easy method of direct online social interaction where members are able to choose to follow each other, their friends or anyone else who has created boards by either repinning or liking their images on their own boards.

So the marketers who are the early adopters of this concept are sniffing …

9 Ideas On How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

For those who write computer code for constructing websites, and anyone with a spark of imagination and creativity, can come up with a concept and a site such as Pinterest. It’s relatively inexpensive to do.

But a simple idea like Pinterest, which caught absolute lightening in a bottle and went wildly viral is the magic elixir. Such as what happened to this site.

But the last thing that anyone needs is another social media networking platform right? Well, Pinterest is different, it’s more of a search engine.

So before you …