9 Ideas On How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

welcome to pinterest get invitesFor those who write computer code for constructing websites, and anyone with a spark of imagination, can come up with a concept such as Pinterest, and it’s also relatively inexpensive to do.

But a simple idea like Pinterest catching absolute lightening in a bottle and going wildly viral is the magic elixir. Such as what happened to this site. But the last thing that anyone needs is another social media networking site right?

So before you say pina what, Pinterest is a new social networking site which emulates a popular activity much like scrapbooking online. Pinterest’s concept is simple, it involves saving, sharing and collecting pictures. After all, looking at a single image is capable of telling a complete story.

So you surrender your will and allow Pinterest to engulf your time online, and more than likely, you’ll be glad you did.

A Few Facts On Pinterest

• Pinterest, originally launched March, 2010, has experienced exponentially growth in the past six months, growing by over 5000%+ percent
• It’s now in the Top 50 of the most visited sites on the Internet. There’s no point listing how many millions of “Pinners” there are as it grows daily
• Pinterest is currently now driving more referral traffic than some of the other social sites including LindedIn and Google+ combined

What Pinterest does is it expresses your lifestyle in photos as you create your own online visual pinboard to share with others. These pins are organized based on specific topics strictly by category.

For instance, say that you consider yourself as a connoisseur on fine red wines. You can then start a Pinterest board on your favorite Pinot’s that you love. You can feature photos accompanied with mouth tingling descriptions.


The average Pinterest member now spends close to 14 minutes on average just looking around at the different images. So if you’re an online marketer or a small business owner, the time is now to take notice and begin participating.

So how can businesses, online marketers, authors, or brands take advantage of this new online sensation. Here are a few methods on how you can use Pinterest immediately to promote yourself by using your photos. This completely on a “peer to peer” non-threatening basis which has no hype and is extremely user friendly.

Some Unique Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Business

Turning Your Content Into A Single Image
You can become a fellow Pinner by visually showcasing your information such as your products and services and making them useful to your audience to see. In this case, indeed a picture is worth a 1000 words. So make sure that the images are unique, and will stand out within your business segment or industry.

Pin Photos As Well As Videos
To add variety, you can also add images of videos based on your industry such as news clips, interviews or product descriptions from YouTube which can be highly useful to your Pinterest boards.

Promoting Content Contributed By Guest Pinners
Allow your visitors to add photos and videos themselves which will fit in with your business, product or niche. You can also have some type of a contest for instance, for whomever submits the most unique or interesting photo to draw attention.

Use Unique Eye Catching Images On Your Blog Posts
The more captivating and unique that your images are, the more likely that they’ll be repinned, similar to someone “Sharing” your images or your videos on Facebook. Also make sure that you add an image to every one of your blog posts which gives you or anyone else the opportunity to pin it. What this does is it will drive traffic to your blog article.

If You’re An Author – Pin Your Book Covers
If you’ve written e-books, or just want to promote your favorite ones through an Amazon link, you can make a board featuring all of your favorite cookbooks for example. You can also offer a few free chapters for your users to download.

Placing Your Banners On Pinterest
Are you having a sale, hosting a webinar, making a speech, or conducting some type of an online video class? If you are, you can create a Pinterest board featuring a specific event which you can share, as well as making it as supplemental material once the event is over. Or you can direct those who missed the opportunity to view the video presentation on your site.

Introducing Your Co-Workers, Employees Or Partners
Although Pinterest is designed to visually showcase your hobbies and lifestyle, you can also draw customers to your company or site by featuring your staff members on a Pinterest board. Also, look for unique and creative methods of pinning photos of your business, such as a “behind-the-scenes” images from your latest company event, conferences, seminars, product development processes etc.

Create Testimonial Boards Of Your Customers
Similar to introducing your staff members, you can offer a board featuring customer testimonials. You can highlight your most loyal customers for the world to see. You can use Pinterest to display your clients’ stories as well as displaying successful case studies.


Offer A Pinterest Coupon Board
This to reward your dedicated Pinterest followers, offer them a promotional discount just for your Pinterest customers. This can be a coupon graphic or a QR Code which you can pin on the appropriate board. Use the description field as well as section which describes the offer in better detail, including an exclusive pinterest follower price discount.

Add A Pinterest Icon To Your Site
Make sure that you add the Pinterest icon to your site or blog. This will allow all of your visitors to share and showcase what they happen to find on your site on their Pinterest boards. This should drive additional traffic to your webpage.

Pinterest is an extremely simple concept. It’s just a matter of signing up, and then creating boards using captivating images, allowing you to repin and share other images as well.

It’s completely intuitive, fun and easy to do. You can take a picture using your smartphone of that pair of shoes you just bought, or what you ate at your favorite restaurant, and then pin it immediately. It’s scrapbooking gone wild.

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