Get Pinterest Followers Then Turn Those Images Into Traffic

man holding a pinterest signIt’s now official that the new social craze on the Net is Pinterest. This is where millions of pinners are posting their favorite images on the site, only to be shared virally by others.

It’s new, different and an easy method of direct online social interaction where members are able to choose to follow each other, their friends or anyone else who has created boards by either repinning or liking their images on their own boards.

So the marketers who are the early adopters of this concept are sniffing a potential revenue opportunity. They’re looking to pounce where a large group of potential consumers who are generally unaware that they are being sold to, will gather in droves.

These savvy social marketers as well as online businesses are realizing the powerful attraction and potential traffic that posting images on Pinterest can generate.

For instance, clothing merchants who operate online eCommerce stores are posting their entire product lines directly on their Pinterest boards. Each and every one of these images then links back directly to the product page on their site.

So imagine you posting your product or service images on your Pinterest board which not only attracts other Pinterest members to like and then repin your photo, but they’re also able to click the image and be instantly redirected to your website.

Just posting one image on Pinterest could potentially generate hundreds of new and interested clients to your site where they can potentially purchase something.

A Method Of Generating More Traffic With Pinterest
Jumping in on potentially earning income from Pinterest can be easy, especially if you’re marketing your own products on your ecommerce website. But for anyone else who may be interested, doing so may appear a little daunting.

One method that you can use involves posting popular images from your collection of photos, and then posting them on your blog or a free blog service such as WordPress or Blogger.

On the blog, you can place Adsense, a CPA banner or a text ad for instance directly next to the images. You can then find a method to schedule posting of the images to your Pinterest board through the blogs feed.

Systematically posting your photos to your Pinterest board should generate a few likes and repins, while also attracting traffic directly to your blog, which should increase the potential of the Adsense or CPA conversions.

Getting just one popular image from your Pinterest board to go viral could potentially lead to hundreds to thousands of visitors to your blog or site.

Ways To Generate Traffic From Pinterest
Pinterest is the latest and perhaps the most effective way to market your company, especially if you present visually rich vivid images. This is because of it’s quick rise into the popularity rankings, along with the user friendly concept that it offers.

Pinterest actually allows you to pin pictures with links directing back to your site. As a result, this social media phenom has created numerous marketing opportunities.

There are different methods on how to maximize Pinterest marketing both personally as well as for your business. Listed are the most popular ways on how you can do so:

Creating A Dedicated Board Featuring Detailed Images Of Your Products
Make sure that you use relevant dense keyword description as well as eye catching phrases. You can opt to offer a few of your pins as “freebies” to a product. This should attract pinners to your board while making your followers wanting to constantly revisit your board. This type of board can especially be advantageous for affiliate marketing.

Creating Boards Showcasing Your Unique Talents
This can become an authority board, as well as an excellent method to driving traffic to your site which features your unique talent. There are now site owners who are reporting that the majority of their traffic is generated from Pinterest. The same SEO optimization techniques should be used for attracting traffic back to your blog or site.


Creating A Pinterest Board To Collaborate With Others
Collaborating as well as social networking as you know, are keys to online marketing. You are required to constantly build relationships which are based on trust and familiarity.

So always show appreciation towards all of your followers by following them back, or at the very least welcoming them. Share your favorite pins with them, liking or repining their pins. Pinterest is an excellent way to build relationship rapport by sharing mutual images which can expand your business and popularity.

Linking Your Pinterest To Facebook And Twitter
This is one of the best methods of getting more followers. The more followers that you’re able to generate, the more opportunities you create on getting traffic to your site.

Your followers can easily become your customers or active loyal readers of your blog. You should also be placing a Pinterest button directly on your blog so that your Web visitors can opt to follow you on Pinterest.

Create Exciting Enjoyable Boards
Using your creativity will ultimately help you in the long run. Make your images stand out by creating a red or black border around them for instance.

Also remember to have a bit of fun as once other pinners view your lighter side because of your images, they’ll tend to follow you more. So rather than just pinning product items which is an obvious attempt to sell something, mix in a bit of humor as well.

You’re responsible for creating your own atmosphere and level of comfort between you and your followers. Prove to them that you’re someone that they can trust and be fun to follow.

When you mix business with pleasure, that can at times do wonders, not only for your business, but for your overall Internet persona as well. So if you show that you like what you’re doing by keeping it light, it can only enhance your overall image.

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