YouTube’s Plan On Offering Higher Quality Premium Video Content

youtube video web content optimizationGoogle’s YouTube, the largest online video sharing provider has had this end game for a while, which is to offer premium video content for it’s online viewers. Offering high quality, state of the art premium content on YouTube only makes too much sense. It’s just a matter of bringing ‘Big Picture’ video available at the theater or on TV, to the YouTube screen on your computer, and this as inexpensively as possible.

So YouTube has apparently been having discussions with some of the largest agents and producers in Hollywood, …

How To Earn Revenue From Video Production

video marketing on youtubeshoot-video-for-small-business-websiteThere was a recent study that found online surfers are now watching a lot more video on the Internet from a variety of devices. It was revealed that these viewers are slowly but surely starting to accept the idea of paying for watching exclusive video online. To many video producers, this is very good news, as creating as well as marketing videos online can be an extremely costly as well as time consuming process. So to many, it’s about time that those videos may start to earn income.

Google’s YouTube