Is Today The Day You Ask Yourself These Life Altering Questions

There comes that moment in time, sometime during our lives, when you feel lost in the dark with no direction. There comes a time, where we need to choose the next path of our lives. Perhaps right now is that moment for you. Maybe you’re ready to alter your life destiny, starting now. It’s time to look forward to better days.

Maybe it’s finally time to leave that stagnant relationship, one that’s been sputtering. It’s the moment you realize that the job you have is a dead end, going nowhere, …

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Do All Events In Your Life Occur Because Of Chance Or Karma

the-odds-of-something-occuringAs people grow older, what accumulates are a series of life events which are known as experiences. These experiences are categorized and stored in the back of our dark moody minds. As a result, we get superstitious, have likes and dislikes, as the experiences we’ve previously had, can at times come back and bite us.

The alarm doesn’t always go off, you drive around aimlessly looking for a parking spot when in a rush. You lose a job the same day you get dumped, just when you’re coming down with …

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The Need To Find The Purpose Of Your Life Before It’s Too Late

find your life purposeJust pretending to be a miniature diva, by getting married shouldn’t be the main purpose of your life, as it’s not that great of an accomplishment. You’re not proving anything, other than being able to attract someone to become enveloped by your needy ways of life.

Life is a highway which flows in one direction, yet you ignore the numerous road signs pointing that you may be going the wrong way. That your true life destination is the opposite. You’re blinded by your entitlement, continuing to travel in the wrong …

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Why It’s Better To Collect Experiences Than Being Materialistic

pickingadventureoverthingsWhat this society of excess that we live in promotes is collecting. Becoming materialistic and hoarding as many things as possible. As a result, most value saving things as a way of keeping score. They being materialistic rather than collecting experiences.

What’s found however in the universal refection of life, being materialistic has no substance, that you’ll get no tangible experiences in life. But what the media promotes, pressures us to think is that material possessions are better, this in whatever they’re trying to market.

We all need certain materialistic …

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Then One Day You Awaken To Living The Life That You Choose

the day you awakenThere comes that day in your life when you get released, notified, the shackles removed, when you get on track with the life you want to live. Once stalling in the midst of fear and the hypocrisy it spews, you stop in your step and take a stand as you scream out, that’s enough.

You’ve had enough fighting with yourself, with others, crying while blaming others for the miserable life you’ve lead, struggling to barely hang on. Then like a toddler given a soother during a tantrum, your tears vanish, …

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Feel No Stress No Fear By Living Your Life At This Moment

how to free yourselfLearn to remove the emotional clutter out of your life, which then activates in motion all of your manifestations magnetically pulling closer towards you. Live in the moment to get access to the power and the magic of the present. Then begin focusing, developing, and applying what you want most in life.

Living in the present is the only way of making an emotional connection with yourself, which activates the universal process of getting what you want becoming a reality. This alignment also needs to be finely tuned.

So you …

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Living A Life To Your Greatest Potential On A Daily Basis

living to potentialIf you’re wanting to make more of your talents, live up to your full potential, then you need to learn to use them. You have the power to change your habits, to acquire new skills and completely use the skills you now have. You can improve your performance, your productivity, and the quality of your entire life.

What makes a high achiever? Is it luck, intelligence, talent, dedication. All of these things figure in, they all make a difference. But we all know intelligent, talented, hard-working people who don’t consider …

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Stand Up And Choose To Become A Leader And Live Your Own Life

why you should not be a followerThe majority of people in life choose to just follow and are satisfied with that, they would rather trace the footsteps, the blueprint of others. They’re just content to sit on the fence, the balance beam of life in a debate, just hide in the shadows.

The most successful of people, those who rise above the crowd and become counted, the leaders of the world, industry, or domain, those who have managed to make a stand, has done so by first showing determination to make a difference.

They combine this …

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