23 Signs You Have Woke To Live The Life You Deserve

There comes the day in your life when you get released from the shackles of the past. When you get on track with the life you want to live. When stalling in the midst of fear and the hypocrisy it spews, you stop in your step and take a stand as you scream out, It’s my life dammit.

You’ve had enough fighting with yourself, with others, crying while blaming others for the miserable life you’ve lead, struggling to barely hang on.

Then suddenly like a toddler given a soother during a tantrum, your tears vanish, the vision clears, and you see transparency.

You realize the time is now, the waiting is over, you stop hoping and waiting for someone to change your life for you.

You waken to a real world where the endings aren’t always fairy tale, that any guarantee of a “happily ever after” is a myth.

During this time, you process yourself into a sense of serenity that’s void of admission or prejudice.

Signs Your Soul Has Awoken
1.) – You awaken to a world realizing you’re far from perfect, that there is more hate than love in the world. You appreciate who you are for what you are. So who cares what anyone thinks, they’re entitled to their own opinion.

2.) – You stop complaining and blaming others for things that happened to you. Something someone didn’t do for you, while you realize the only real guarantee is to expect the unexpected.

3.) – You stop judging, accusing, pointing fingers as you begin to accept others for who they are, and not for who you think they should be. You overlook their shortcomings, and in the process learn to forgive.

4.) – You begin to open up to a new world that has different points of view. You begin to reassess and redefine who you are, and what you stand for.

5.) – You define the difference between wanting and needing, while discarding the values you’ve outgrown, or should never have adopted in the first place.

6.) – You learn there’s glory in creating and contributing, as you stop maneuvering or manipulating through your life as a consumer, looking for the next big thing.

7.) – You find out core principles such as integrity and honesty aren’t outdated ideals of a bygone era. They are foundations which holds together the core you need to build a stronger life.

8.) – You realize you don’t know everything, as there’s lots to learn. That it’s not your job to save the world from poverty, or to teach pigs how to fly.

• You learn what love really means. You look at relationships as they are and not how you want them to be. You learn that being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

• You stop controlling others, situations, or outcomes. You learn the difference between guilt and responsibility, while knowing where to set the boundaries. You learn to say no and mean it.


• You begin to take care of your body better, with respect. You begin eating a well balanced diet, drink more water, and make it a priority to exercise.

• You realize that what feeling tired does is it fuels fear, doubt, and uncertainty. You need adequate rest, just like food fuels the body, laughter fuels the soul, sleep replenishes the mind.

• You find that life usually balances itself out, that you get back what you put into it. You get what you deserve, and that your life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

• Anything that’s worth achieving in life is worth working or waiting for, and that working hard for something is different from wishing for something to happen.

• You learn that to achieve success, what you need is direction, discipline, and taking action. You learn that you can’t do it alone, and it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

• You learn the only thing to fear is fear itself. You work past your fears because you know whatever happens, you’re able to handle it. Once you surrender to fear, you lose your right to live life on your own terms.

• What you do is learn to fight for what’s right, to fight for your life while not squandering it, or live in an illusion under a cloud of impending doom.

• You realize that life isn’t always fair, that you always don’t get what you want or think you deserve. That at times, bad things will happen to good people. You learn not to take things personally.

• You learn that no one’s punishing or blaming you, and that everything’s not always “someones” fault. Stuff happens. You quickly admit when you’re wrong and build bridges instead of walls.

• You know that any negative feelings such as envy, jealousy, anger, and resentment needs to be understood and redirected, or they will poison you and everyone around you.

• You learn to be grateful for everything, take comfort in the simple things that you’ve taken for granted in the past, things that others can only dream about.

• You make it a priority to always keep smiling, to laugh, to keep trusting others, to remain open to all possibility, that the fate of luck is on your side.

• What you find is the courage in your heart to be grateful, to take a stand, to construct a life that you want on your own terms, and to live it the best way that you can.

Then ultimately, you begin to take complete responsibility for your life, for your actions. You make a promise to yourself that you’ll never betray or cheat yourself, and will never settle for less than what you deserve. You’ve Awakened.

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