A Lack Of Purpose Is Why You Don’t Take Action In Life

What you suddenly have is a brilliant idea, but you don’t bother acting on it. Everyone at one time or another procrastinates. It doesn’t need to be an earth shattering discovery. It may of just been a plain old good idea that would have made you more money, or saved you time.

But what you did instead was just dismissed it. You had other things to do next, so it went on the back burner.

The core substance of who you are is you’re an extremely creative deep thinker. You constantly have brilliant ideas about how to simplify your life or make it better.

The problem becomes you don’t bother to take action on any of these ideas. Like most, you stop before getting started. You just shrug and say “oh well.”

What everyone has is a variety of excellent thoughts which enters and leaves their mind just as quick.

This about what to do next, which never gets activated, then you wonder why.

The failure is the failure to take action. Most don’t bother acting on their ideas, even if they know it may be rewarding.

Lack Of Inspirational Motivation

You’re wondering “why” should I do anything? The reason, the missing key is a lack of purpose. Without having a strong purpose, urgency, the immediate things you need to do, the next thought takes over.

The phone rings, there’s an incoming text, someone likes your latest Facebook post, takes over. Whatever is convenient.

What takes over is inertia. What we learned In physics is it takes additional effort and energy to break away from inertia.

What having a powerful purpose of taking action on your idea does, is it fuels new energy. Energy which organizes your actions, bringing important things to the forefront.

To break away from the immediate inertia of your current routine, what you need is inspirational purpose, a kick in the pants.

There’s No Clear Vision

Imagine you’re sitting in your car at a busy intersection in a thick fog. You can’t see twenty feet ahead of you. You can’t see the traffic light so when do you go?

Once you do decide to go forward, are you confident enough going full speed, or will you proceed slowly. Are you hoping the fog clears before you pick up the pace.

Everybody is or are wanting to get somewhere, especially in their work and life. Without having a clear vision, you can’t see where you’re wanting to go.

And because you can’t see anything, you won’t aggressively or confidently proceed forward, wherever or whatever that may be. You won’t fully execute it.


Not Willing To Sacrifice

What you think you have is more than enough to do. Your plate of activity is full, and whatever else you take on, means something has to be put aside or managed.

What sacrifice means is giving up something of value, for something of even greater perceived value. What this means is there’s something more valuable to sacrifice for.

What you haven’t done is clarified what that “something”‘ is, or not sure it’s worth it.

What we also won’t do is give up our free time, our leisure relaxation time, when it comes to sacrificing something, wondering if it’s even worth it.

There are times you know there’s something you need to do, but you also think it’s not important enough to get off the sofa for.

What should get you motivated is reciting the litany of purpose. “Why did you feel it was important, and what’s the consequences of that? Why is that important?”

Having A Lack Of Belief

If you know something will work, there’s no risk and you’ll likely take action. On the other hand, if you’re uncertain, and almost everything is uncertain to some degree, you wonder if the risk is worth it.

So do you believe your actions will pay off or not. If you’re not sure, then how much effort are you willing to put into it. Will you procrastinate, hesitate, postpone, go halfhearted.

Or maybe it’ll work for someone else but not for you. What this means is you lack the confidence you’re not able to get it done, or the risk is too big.

These issues can be addressed by you having a strong purpose, by having an inspiring set of goals to achieve.

Once the purpose is strong enough, what that does in makes the potential reward bigger, while the risk-reward ratio works in your favour.

Fear Of Fear

What it ultimately comes down to is fear. What you have is a vision and a purpose, and you think the risks are manageable, but what it it still doesn’t work out.

That’s fear. The belief it won’t work out in your favour. What will you do then. Or worse, not only will it fail, but something bad may come as a result of it.

Just Too Busy

You tell yourself you have other things to do, such as the the day-to-day routine of doing your job or running your business. You can’t take on any more things to do.

Then the question becomes, are the things you’re doing right now worth it. Should or can some of it be delegated. Should some of it be put on the back-burner or be dropped.

To Have Strong Purpose

What you need is to weight what you’re already doing against your purpose. If what you’re currently doing is effectively driving you towards your goals, then there’s no need to do more.

But if you’re not moving in that direction, then you need to make room for what will.

What you need is to realign your priorities, while reevaluating your options. This so your time and energy is dedicated towards moving you in the right direction.

So what’s stopping you. Know what’s holding you back, as it can be a combination of things.

Once you identify what’s stopping you, it becomes easier to address them and get moving, which transforms your ideas into taking action and not procrastinating.

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