Why You Feel Uncomfortable When Trying Something New

Everything is in perpetual motion, from when were sleeping to the moment we wake up, the world is constantly changing, evolving forward, the clock is ticking onward. What’s more important is we’re also evolving as humans, hopefully for the better.

What we feel is the culmination of these changes. Some good, while the majority aren’t that great and becomes uncomfortable.

What change involves is a drastic shift in emotions, and not all of them are always good while in transition.

Once we set forth to achieve our goals, doing so …

How To Cope When Going Through Changes In Your Life

Everything in life, anything alive is in constant perpetual motion, whether good or bad. When we’re sleeping for instance, our body naturally heals itself right to the moment we wake up. We and the world around us are constantly changing, hopefully evolving forward.

What we feel are the results of these changes, some good, the majority are just average and a work in progress, so we think nothing of them.

What any change involves is a shift in our emotions as humans, and it always doesn’t feel great while in …

The Reasons And Process Of Stepping Out Of Our Comfort Zones

moving out of comfort zoneBeing in our comfort zone is living in a safe cozy secure place, such as eating your favorite comfort foods, which makes you feel completely safe and calculated. It’s also boring and drab, the same as yesterday, and nothing new to look forward to tomorrow.

So remaining in our comfort zone means we don’t grow or develop. We settle for the predictable, nothing new rocks our boat, we remain stoically complacent. The issue with living a life that’s safe and secure is that once we begin to grow older, we …