Theory On Ways How To Increase Better Luck In Your Life

how-to-become-luckierLuck is the xfactor which can swing a situation in one direction or another, if it’s balancing on chance or influence. There are some who rely solely on luck. Some consider certain numbers, names, places, or dates to be lucky. It’s a good thing to be “lucky” in life, when it comes to health, investments, friends, or love.

There are claims some are born lucky, such as with beautiful blonde curly hair and blue eyes, with a perfect body, which are fortunate genetics. Some don’t consider physical appearance to be …

Why Luck Is One Of The Greatest Unknown Mysteries Of Life

why some people are lucky and others aren'tSo they tell you, put your head down, work hard, do all the right things, and life will turn out for you. You’ll get all that you’ve ever hoped for and dreamed of.

Fortune will shine on you, with good health, a loving family, a nice house, and an abundance of wealth. But the truth is that the vast majority will never reach their destined goals that they’re potential should carry.

Then there are those individuals, where the light appears to shine on them. Some may be considered lazy, absent …