Proven Ways On How You Can Increase Better Luck In Your Life

how-to-become-luckierLuck is the xfactor which can swing a situation in one direction or another, this if it’s balancing on chance or influence. There are some who rely solely on luck. Some consider certain numbers, names, places, or dates to be lucky. It’s a good thing to be “lucky” in life, this when it comes to health, investments, friends, or love.

There are claims that some are born lucky. Beautiful blonde curly hair with blue eyes, and a perfect body, is certainly fortunate genetics. But it’s not considered luck, as you’re either born with these beauty features or not. What you can do is improve your looks significantly, one way or another.

No one makes themselves lucky, but the chances of becoming more fortunate can be improved. You can improve these odds, this by favorably recognizing situations, and then taking action once the opportunity arises.

So what it comes down to is being at the right place at the right time, which has a component of luck to it, but luck is like that.

Luck As A Beneficial Phenomenon
There are some who defines luck as being a naturally unpredictable entity, while others describe it as a beneficial phenomenon. Sure, there are some who appear luckier than others.

There are certain groups of individuals who appears more fortunate than others, constantly winning raffles or the lottery, finding a twenty dollar bill on a busy street, or getting that last loaf of bread from the bakery.

There are some who manages to get the best of everything, this seemingly with little effort on their part while others suffer. These events occur sporadically and are unpredictable, but becomes beneficial to your life.


Can’t Make Yourself Lucky
Some will argue that they “earned” finding that twenty dollar bill on the street, but then what about all those others, maybe you, who happened to walk right by it. You didn’t get lucky at all.

Most often, those who never have that type of luck will get upset once they hear someone they know, perhaps a neighbor, bought a lottery ticket and won big, and this is a valid point.

They wonder why not them. They become envious and eventually realize there’s nothing they can do to become luckier.

Luck Isn’t Fair
Did someone who’s lucky really earn whatever it is that they got, as it’s an occurrence that happened, this completely beyond their control or understanding.

So you can’t harness it. Many believe that life isn’t fair, while others think it’s karma that’s preventing them from becoming lucky. Wrongdoings or guilt which weighs heavy on their mind, is what’s tilting them to be unlucky. It’s thought that luck isn’t about what’s fair or not.

Luck Is The Residue Of Chance
Purist believe that luck is the effect of opportunity in our lives, which isn’t refuted or denied by anyone. So to improve your luck, what’s thought is to just make yourself ready for better life opportunities as they come along.

To attract luck your way, you need to expose yourself to it. Know that the beneficial effects of change can often come from others. In our life, the vast realm of luck is ruled by ourselves, along with the opportunities which comes our way.

Determination Leads To Luck
What’s consistent in ones life which occurs over and over again, is the persistent application of total determination, this to a specific targeted objective. After initial and repeated failing, what it eventually produces are results.

Once opportunity eventually strikes, what’s found is that the lucky person kept their objectives in sight while remaining focused, and was extremely tenacious doing so.

Achievers believe that it’s hard work, blood sweat and tears that creates luck, as there’s nothing in this life which can take the place of dogged persistence, not even talent.


There are those who are talented, but they’re not successful in this world, some claim because they procrastinate or are lazy.

The main reason it’s found is that they lack focus and determination in their life’s purpose. Being persistent is the omnipotent aspect which leads to the luck, that’s needed for ones success in life.

Taking Action Leads To Luck
The majority of one’s personal characteristics are influenced by luck. For instance, sending good vibes or actions towards someone does is intensifies and sustains awareness of you, in the mind of others.

This concentrated favorable attention of others towards you, does is increases the possibilities of they remembering you later, this when opportunities happen to arise.

This is what usually enables the conception of beneficial ideas, ones which favors your interests. What the dedicated generosity of spirit, does is persistently acts like a magnet in your favor, which some claim is luck.

Our Decisions Influences Our Luck
Some are conditioned and extremely good at making the right decisions, this on instinct, being able to assess and weigh the differing elements or factors once they appear. With calm and rational thinking, they make the right choice.

The majority find this to be too overwhelming and just consider it fate. If you’re in this select group of people who are instantly able to easily and rationally make the right decisions, then the odds improve that you can make your own luck.

Some think it’s random occurrences is what influences luck. The sudden “freak of nature” happenings in our lives, is what influences how lucky we’re going to be in an undertaking. These happenings are how we make our choices, which influences our luck in life.

All in all, it’s determination, adaptation, persistence, belief, calm rational analysis, and unknown influences, are some of the known elements which can help us make our own luck, this in one way or another.