Defining What The Leading Causes Of Stress Are In Your Life

What’s now understood is that there’s a correlation, a connection that exists between the most significant events of our lives, and the reoccurring illnesses that we suffer. We all age at different rates, and it’s thought that the key contributor, are the hardships that we experience during this journey through our lives. The struggles that are associated with them.

So what’s investigated are the causes, or a chain reaction of causes, that are known to contribute to the elevated stress and anxiety levels in our daily lives, along with what …

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Know What The Leading Causes Of Stress In Your Life Are

dealing with stressWhat’s often been pondered is whether there’s a connection between the most significant events in our lives and the illnesses that we contract. If there’s an actual correlation between the significant hardships of life, and if they’re somehow related to the stress that we experience.

What was investigated are a series of causes which are known to contribute to elevate stress and anxiety in our daily lives, and the types of actions that we can take to alleviate them. It was also found that certain types of stress are completely …

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The Common Causes Of Stress And How It Affects You Physically

physical symptoms of stressWhat activates stress is how we react once we feel that we’re losing control of a certain situation in our lives. It’s a natural response for humans, as we’re constantly wanting to control every facet of what we do. We want to direct, to be able to determine our fate.

What unexpected external events does is it threatens that control, then we respond by preparing to fight or flight, whatever or whomever is attempting to steal that control away from us. Stress is the primary driver of the “fight-or-flight” response.…

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How Slowing Down The Pace Of Life Can Improve Your Health

how to slowdown and enjoy your life moreOne of the most obvious displays of Stress and Anxiety is when waiting for the elevator, you frantically begin pushing the already lit “UP or DOWN” button in the hopes that it will arrive sooner, we’ve all done it.

Like most in the civilized world, we live in a faster is better culture, where fast food at the mall is becoming the norm rather than a wholesome home cooked meal.

We begin to fidget with our smartphones while at the grocery checkout line, and go in complete panic mode if …

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