The Need To Define The Leading Causes Of Stress In Your Life

What’s now understood is there’s a correlation, a connection that exists between the most significant events of our lives, and the stress and reoccurring illnesses we suffer as a result. So what’s defined are the leading causes of this stress.

We all age at different rates, and it’s thought the key contributor, are the hardships we experience during this journey through our lives. The struggles associated with them.

There are a variety of different circumstances known to contribute to elevate our stress, some which are completely unavoidable.

For almost everyone, stress is not welcome. Most have no idea how dangerous it can be, especially if it remains in the body long term.

Certain parts of the body begins to deteriorate, causing unhealthy adverse effects.

The Origins Of Stress

Where stress begins and ends is in the brain, where there are sudden incidences of unexpected surges, once we begin to feel pressure or anxiousness.

Once the stress hormones are released, then sleeping, concentrating, or relaxing can be affected.

Small amounts of stress is needed and helpful as a motivator however, to provide a jolt of energy and motivation.

What’s known is the human body can’t accommodate extended stress over long periods of time.

Financial Situation

The state of our finances, is one of the key causes of stress. Most of us are affected, such as potential major purchases like a new house or a car, which are big concerns.

The bigger stress however, is the lack of money or worse, mounting debt.

Younger people fret when needing to pay for an education, or worse, the accumulating student loans. Older individuals worry about their retirement, income and savings.

Type Of Occupation

What goes hand-in-hand with finances, is the chosen occupation, the daily job. The stability and the income of the job, is a constant source of worry.

What activates stress, is keeping the job, earning more, or advancing via promotion.

Another stress point is worrying about an increased workload, overtime, which leads to more responsibly.

The struggles of climbing the corporate ladder, becoming overwhelmed by their demands. The work conditions and coworker conflicts, are all contributors.


Friends Family And Relationships

The saying rings true that “you can pick your friends but not your relatives.” Family, regardless of how great and comfortable they may be, are another cause of stress.

Arguments can easily erupt with any family member, siblings, relatives, and more usually the spouse. Parents get separated or divorced. Children marry those you don’t approve of.

The ebbs and flows family life provides, is constantly filled with conflict and chaos. Children grow up, you grow old, they move out, you feel abandoned.

The health of family members such as illness, serious injury, or mental struggles all activates stress. Changes in family dynamics such as job loss, can cause angst.

Personal Issues And Concerns

Personal issues which may be directly or indirectly created by others, can lead to stress. The lack of control one has, is on the top of the list of concerns.

What we want as humans, is a deep rooted desire for us to control our own destiny, to make our own choices.

If we ever lose that freedom, once this control is taken away from us, is when we experience stress.

For most, the lack of control over our lives leads to annoyance and concern.

What we all want is to dictate our own fate, how or when we do things around the home or at work, but that’s not always possible.

What we also want is to control our time, rather than allowing others to do so for us. There are constant demands and circumstances, beyond our control.

Our Own Personal Health And Safety

Many claim it’s our personal state of health, which is the leading cause of our stress.

This worry is linked to obesity, longevity, or that medical issue we currently have, which we know nothing about.

For others, the stress can be generated by certain personal bad habits which affects their health, and they know they need to change.

Instances include smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or recreational substance abuse.

Our Livelihood

If there’s any type of illness or injury, this whether minor or acute, or issues with incontinence, they can also become ongoing concerns.

The degree of stress depends on how serious things are, including our personal outlook and mindset.

Personal safety is also important. Women especially tend to stress when it comes to their safety.

Older adults stress more than younger people, as they become more vulnerable. Crime and the unknown are big factors.

State Of Personal Relationships

It can be a marriage which leads to separation or divorce, remarrying, or disorderly children. All can lead towards various levels of stress for many.

All we want is everlasting love without conflict, and we hope it’s potentially possible in every relationship. Finding it however, has proven to be elusive.

Some will resort to online dating as it’s easier to get “dumped,” and not be as painful. Others will just withdraw and become reclusive.

Regardless, these major stress points aren’t independent, and will compound into everyone affected when growing older.

To Manage The Stress

The causes of stress usually changes as we age. Children who once threw temper tantrums when young, will grow into students who may become stressed out by that upcoming exam.

Teenagers become stress by their appearance, if they’re accepted, while raging hormones and peer pressure interferes.

Fully grown adults attempt to experience stresses in life, associated with living and aging.

Various degrees of stress for a variety of reasons, will constantly persist throughout our lives.

What becomes important is knowing the root causes of this stress we feel, and then avoiding or handling them, becomes important.