How To Make Positive Prosperity Consciousness Affirmations

What the majority of people believe is wealth takes a lot of blood sweat and struggle. The end reward of a lifetime of hard work, careful planning and dedicated saving for a rainy day. But the reality is, this may be a big illusion, a mythical delusion of wealth principles.

What the statistics show is in most of the working industrialized nations, many slave their adult life away chasing the almighty dollar.

Many unfortunately work away at a job they don’t like for an ungrateful boss, and are barely able to survive once retirement looms. Their pension plans are minimal if they have one.

So what’s needed is a complete mind shift aberration, and this needs to begin as soon as possible while you are still working.

What needs to be reprogrammed is you can attract money, rather than thinking you need to work 12 hour days while saving every last nickel.

To Attract More Money

The road to riches is instead constructed with acquiring positive ideas of attraction. Influencing and sucking more money to enter into your life.

Accumulating wealth is more of acquiring a certain attitude, and not the outcome of doing strenuous hard labor.

So once this attitude is adopted, it will begin to open up the passageways to getting wealthier.

What your subconscious mind feels about money is what determines whether you have any or not.

The subconscious mind only reacts to what you think of the most, what you give the most attention to in your thinking mind.

So if you positively think about money, then it has no other choice but to manifest more of it into your life.

But what most will do instead is focus on their lack of money. Many think of scarcity, the fear of poverty, which becomes a reality that’s reinforced by having no money.

Wealth is created by the human mind and not from a bank vault or a dead end job. Those who believe they deserve riches, can create it.

Accepting Wealth Into Your Life

Most will adopt a negative attitude about money and resent those who are affluent. They oppose people who’s got more money than they need or deserve.

This resentment towards those who are wealthy, makes you resent yourself and leads to a life of poverty.

So instead, focus on the positive. Realize money is a form of energy which is always in motion.


That money is constantly being distributed back into the economy and to other people, spreading its wealth while prospering those who participates.

Before you’re able to realize riches, you need to believe you truly deserve to be rich.

It’s almost impossible to convince your subconscious mind you need more money, if you’ve programmed your mind you don’t deserve it.

The Fear Of Success

Those who fear success is what prevents many from becoming wealthy. Those in fear of accumulating money, worry about how long it’ll last instead of earning more of it.

What needs to be countered is all those negative ideals of how evil money is, and turning them into positive affirmations.

What’s needed are affirmations such as, “I need and deserve to be wealthy.”

Once these thoughts are firmly implanted in your subconsciousness as a chant, that’s the first step towards wealth.

Creating Strong Affirmations

An affirmation is a strong positive statement regarding something you’re wanting to manifest into your life.

The definition of affirm is to make something firm, such as stating your end goal in a definite way. This then solidifies in your subconscious mind.

Affirmations are signals you send to your subconscious every time you repeat it.

Then through vibration, your mind begins to work on it, this to provide you with what it is you affirm.

Writing these affirmations down is an extremely powerful method of reaching the subconscious.

What’s found is doing so is the quickest way of incorporating them into your deeper mind. It’s a far more effective method than just simply stating what your goals are.

Some of the most dramatic changes in mindset has been witnessed, and have become true by the use of positive affirmations.

Properly Using Affirmations

The majority of people are not successful when using affirmations, because what they have are too many negative ideals regarding themselves.

Their bad habits are already programmed into their subconscious. As a result, what’s found is the new positive affirmations they use aren’t able to overcome them.

This poverty or scarcity consciousness has most likely followed you around for most of your life.

So these habits dominates your subconscious, unless you begin to remove them, so the prosperity consciousness affirmations can then set in and become a habit.

The way to cement this into your subconscious, is by writing down all your positive affirmations you want to set.

And while you’re at it, listen carefully to the feedback your mind gives you. Listen for any negative thoughts from your inner voice which negates your new positive affirmations.

Take note of them, and then immediately refute them by responding with the polar opposite self-talk.

Writing Your Positive Affirmations Down

It’s advisable you write down all your affirmations from a third person point of view, while always using your own name.

Writing them down allows your subconscious mind, to think there are also others who are thinking and believing you deserve to be wealthy.

For Instance:

• I, (name), deserve to be rich and prosperous, and this is coming directly from me
• You, (name), deserves to be rich and prosperous, and this is now coming true for you right now
• She/He, (name), deserves to be rich and prosperous, and this is coming true as of right now

The best method is writing an entire page of your most desired affirmations on a daily basis.

Don’t just treat it as repetition, but really mean it while visualizing the meaning of the words you write. This process should only take 5 minutes a day.

What you need is to think about abundance constantly, while holding stead towards constructive thought.

What it takes is constant vigilance to overtake an unruly negative mind. Those who do this consistently will then be ensured of success in every area of their life.

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