Free Yourself By Removing Mental Blockages From Your Life

There’s a perception self-growth is easy, a paint by number diagram then your life will flourish, and become enjoyable and rewarding. The theory exists it can be, but the journey will most likely be a twisting one where things can fall apart, and your world begins to crumble.

Going forward means looking back and recognizing, then dissolving your past blockages which holds you back.

These are often deep rooted beliefs which were formed in our childhood, or from trauma early in life.

These are behaviours which are holding us hostage, …

Can Losing Weight Be As Simple As Getting Rid Of Bad Habits

getting rid of habitsAny habit we have is for comfort sake, so we continue to keep them while they become difficult to rid of. That’s why you decide to have that chocolate bar or soda every morning at 10AM, just because you’ve always done so, even though you know it’s bad for you.

Or what you do is routinely stay up too late, surfing social media, even though you need that requisite sleep, and have to wake up early. We all do this despite not really wanting to or that it’s wrong, thinking …