Free Yourself By Removing Mental Blockages From Your Life

There’s a perception self-growth is easy, a paint by number diagram then your life will flourish, and become enjoyable and rewarding. The theory exists it can be, but the journey will most likely be a twisting one where things can fall apart, and your world begins to crumble.

Going forward means looking back and recognizing, then dissolving your past blockages which holds you back.

These are often deep rooted beliefs which were formed in our childhood, or from trauma early in life.

These are behaviours which are holding us hostage, forcing us to revert back and continuing the same self-destructive behavioural patterns.

The problem with these deep rooted beliefs, is they’ve found residence in the foundation of our everyday lives.

When attempting to dissolve them, what’s created are gaping emotional holes, which causes panic, pain and turmoil.

Recognizing Blockages

These blockages are deeply ingrained since young and difficult to isolate, and harder to remove. Attempting to dissolve them is when your life can tilt sideways, as they’ve become comfortable habits.

What’s realized, is that your entire life may have been a lie, as everything is interconnected.

It’s no coincidence things may begin to get uncomfortable, once you start making changes, when attempting to remove these unwanted blockages.

The pain is realizing your childhood has not been perfect and perhaps misguided.

You know these early beliefs need to be altered or removed, and once doing so, your life circumstances will begin to change.

Change is good, but it’s a scary process yet a necessary one. Opportunity is on the other side of change.

To adopt a new behaviour, what’s needed is recognizing and removing something that already exists, something that’s detrimental.

Significance Of The Blockage

What’s known is when removing a past belief that doesn’t work, a void will appear where that belief was, leaving an emotional scar that needs to be healed and refilled. That’s when it becomes painful, until you fill that void with something better.

As frightening as it may seem, once removing a blockage from your life, what’s for certain is you’ll experience some type of discomfort.

This could be an unforeseen tragedy such as you getting sick, your car breaks down, or worse, you lose your marriage or someone close to you.


Filling In The Loss

What you need is to deal with the fear once things fall apart. The first reaction is running away to avoid the pain, to revert back to how things were.

Doing so only delays the process as a gaping hole will occur, once it’s ready to make room for its better replacement.

The key becomes to stay with it, to get through the discomfort that’s involved. There will be fear, anger and grief, wondering what’s wrong with you, that you’ve failed.

That’s where most will quit. So what’s required is clinically filling in that gaping void properly.

When Your World Crumbles

Once things fall apart, pay attention to the exact circumstances that begins to deteriorate. This reveals the lies and the limiting beliefs you’ve formed about your life.

Look for the connection between the blockages you’re wanting to dissolve, and the circumstances on how your life is falling apart.

For instance, you begin exploring what your true passions are, then you suddenly lose your job. The correlation is your talents didn’t match your current career.

More often, the connections are more vague, and you need to introspect a bit deeper. You need to decipher the “cause-and-effect,” and how things are related.

Take Baby Steps Forward

The instinct is to panic and “fix” everything immediately, which isn’t possible or recommended. Instead, take the steps to eliminate the blockage entirely, until it’s completely gone.

What’s known is it’s going to hurt, you may get depressed, feel like a failure, but you need to flush everything out of your system, as every remnant needs to be removed.

Work through it, and eventually you’ll begin to feel freedom and empowerment.

You’ll begin to finally feel you’re in control of your life and circumstances.

Once you choose to release your self-limiting beliefs, you’ll free yourself from self-destructive patterns.

This removal process can occur in a variety of forms.

It’s usually relieving yourself of the circumstances that no longer corresponds with your new beliefs, such as that job you hate.

Forming New Beliefs

Once you recognize your blockages and choose to dissolve them, you’ll need new beliefs to replace them, to fill in the void. To replace the previous limiting beliefs with new empowering ones.

The process requires completely reinforcing your new beliefs in your mind and heart.

The best way is writing down your old beliefs, and then writing your new ones right next to them.

For instance, Old belief: “I’m not worthy of love.” New belief: “People love me and I deserve it.” Then simply reinforce this new belief, until it becomes a part of your mindset.

The Rebuilding Process

It can be empowering, yet confusing. Know what you want to build. If the blockage removal was especially painful or life altering, then there’s a feeling of loss and confusion, wondering where to begin.

This is when you allow your heart to lead you. Determine what you want your life to become, and then take the steps to create it.

This might be finding your dream job, or building a new relationship. The key is to make sure your old beliefs, are being replaced by the new more empowering one.

Otherwise, you’ll just revert back and re-create the same behavior you previously had to fill that void, and will need to do the process all over again.

This procedure may appear difficult, but it’s a proven effective and rewarding one that works.

Begin by recognizing and removing all the blockages in your life, the ones that are holding you back, and then choose to replace them.

Fight through the pain and the fear, believe in the process, then your life will begin to transform.