The Principles Of Yin-Yang In Our Modern Day World

We walk a tightrope our entire lives as we balance our choices. The entire existence of anything living on this planet, the process of our well being is a divide of contrasts. These are usually black and white, good and evil, yes and no, yin-yang.

We all have somewhere, perhaps in the far recesses of our being, hidden dormant in the back of our minds, a dark side to our personality we don’t dare to poke.

We also wonder how this “dark-side,” could hopefully eventually be brought to new light. It’s often suppressed, buried, and controlled into submission.

Also consider the reality, it’s you who’s in full control of its current submissive form.

Don’t Worry Be…

Recently, you, your life, you’ve been busy, active, and more importantly settled in your ways.

Yet, you perform best when in times of turmoil which motivates your drive, for yourself and more towards others.

You don’t like to celebrate with those you don’t have much time for, or have reflection with. But once you do, your mood and thoughts become lightened, animated, crisp and clear.

As the seasons change and thus your mood, so does the never ending turmoil of the eternal.

Perhaps that’s the dark-side, your dark side. That nagging dark passenger that’s haunting you, hopefully leaving you and filtering in new light.

What many can’t do is bring this forth to their consciousness.

Welcome To The Dark Side We Have Cookies

The dark side you see, has been pronounced, over exaggerated, and set to doom as a negative force.

There’s no denial we all have a dark side to our personality, regardless of how saintly you consider yourself to be.

Think about what your submissive dark side might be, as it can be as simple as the small annoying things you don’t like about yourself. Those gnawing little annoyances.

It could be your fidgeting once you get anxious, as you bite your fingernails to shreds when you feel nervous. They are the subtle yet annoying bad habits you want to rid of.

The Shady Side Of You

It could be your bad temper that turns into self-sabotage, or procrastination, your arrogance once told what to do.

It could be your poor attitude, your superiority complex which you know isn’t nice. There are a lot of small nuances that can make up your “dark side.”


They are often suppressed, buried, ignored in your subconscious, not to be recognized or embraced. Thoughts usually forgotten.

At times you treat them like they don’t exist, you’d rather just ignore them, yet you know they are there lurking.

Going Full Circle

We suppress or ignore all the negative aspects of our lives we don’t like, but here’s the rub. Whatever you deny, owns you.

Whatever you’re aware of and accept into your consciousness gives you empowerment, giving you back your strength.

Don’t ever ignore your faults however, how subtle they may be, as whatever you resist becomes persistent.

The irony is, to become complete, you need to acknowledge both your dark side and your happy giddy side, to come full circle.

What we need to balance our life out with is cold and heat, love and hate, good and evil, and every other duality which exists in between. What each of these does is serves its own purpose.

Once understanding this, you then have the opportunity to integrate your own yin-yang, your own dark and bright, and then experience completeness in your soul.

What this represents is the wholeness of who you are or want to become.

So Just Become You

What being your true genuine self is empowerment itself. You can then stand tall and be proud as you shout… This is me.

What needs to be avoided are the easy mind-traps of self consciousness and excuses, you’ve created for yourself.

As a result, what you’re doing is keeping the best potential experiences in your life from ever occurring.

You might be thinking to yourself, “If that event never happened, how would I know it was a good experience or not,” and be forever haunted by what may of or could have been.

You could most likely recall some of these experiences. There’s not a human known that hasn’t experienced this, at least once in their lives.

What Could Of Been Oh What Could Of Been

This often occurs when our mood is down, in times of despair or confusion is when we experience this type of hesitation a lot more often.

These ups and downs we realize are a part of life, and in perspective it’s true.

We can become who we are by being in the moment, while still experiencing wonderment and awe.

So merge with this mood and project yourself into the moment. Allow the mood to be, don’t allow it to control you, instead become it.

Living In The Now Moment

Once this occurs, the opportunity presents itself so you can live life to its fullest, at this moment that’s available to you.

Make sure you seize the day, the opportunity and the possibility. Realize the beautiful person who’s standing in front of you, and discover your true self.

Your wholeness, the entirety of your complete true human being. It’s that pure blend of doing and being.

What you’re doing is being you, with your mood as company, living as still as possible. Embrace this moment. Your feelings just “are” and you’re accepting them.

You then open yourself up to new emotional energy where you can grow into.

Life becomes a wonder, your body and mind becomes fluid, and every experience becomes rich.

The Passage To Freedom

We’ve all seen or known people who are completely free, to be able to dance in the rain on the busy sidewalk of life.

They can close their eyes and sing their song without a care in the world, as their arms spread out while embracing the earth.

So what are the self-conscious traps that are currently holding you back from being, from becoming a human being.

From who you truly are or capable of becoming. You need to admire those who lives this type of life.

To be free is being in peace with yourself. You need to set yourself afloat. It’s entirely up to you.

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