Know The Mental Signals You May Be Burning Out From Working

know the signs of burning outGet in line if you think you need a break from life, from work, from your relationships and your current situation. You need a breather, to get away, to travel the world, hibernate from the stresses of daily living, to find a cave somewhere to finally write your book.

You want to run away. What most claim is that they need to get away from their work the most. The weekends off or the annual 2 week paid vacation is hardly enough. You’re finding you need more time to reset, …

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Getting Back On Balance By Refocusing Your Work And Life

stk77171corWe all tilt off balance on occasion, either mentally or physically, we lose our focus, get exhausted, get discouraged, or get completely stressed out. There comes a time when we need to recharge our internal batteries before we completely fall off the balance beam.

This may be a signal that it’s time for a party for one, just for yourself, you need to at times look out for Number 1, and just introspect. So if your becoming increasingly frustrated at the workplace, as a business owner or CEO, or …

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