Getting Back On Balance By Refocusing Your Work And Life

stk77171corWe all tilt off balance on occasion, either mentally or physically, we lose our focus, get exhausted, get discouraged, or get completely stressed out. There comes a time when we need to recharge our internal batteries before we completely fall off the balance beam.

This may be a signal that it’s time for a party for one, just for yourself, you need to at times look out for Number 1, and just introspect. So if your becoming increasingly frustrated at the workplace, as a business owner or CEO, or you’re just a stressed out mother, it’s time to recharge.

You’re becoming and feeling increasingly alone. You begin to desperately hang on while keeping your game face, hiding all the sweat, stress, and exhaustion that you’re feeling.

When attempting to run your business, or your own department, it can at times be one of the toughest jobs out there. Even if you’re not doing all of the work yourself, you’re the sole proprietor when it comes to the worry department.

You fret about not getting funding, or that deserved raise or bonus. You wonder who you should hire or fire, or which working partner or vendor you should choose. How can you beat your competition and get brand recognition, you wonder what’s wrong with your pricing structure, and where all the sales are. Is the economy ever going to improve.

Just when you think that one area is finally coming together nicely, then there’s leakage in another, or everything just completely collapses. The momentary feelings of bliss, and win, are often deflated by another unforeseen circumstance.

You, the exceptional leader, is the one that’s caught in the crossfire and it can at times drift into a bit of despair. The pilot light then begins to flicker, as you realize you need to recharge your energy and passion.


Jump Start Your Internal Batteries

Taking A Physical Break
Jump on your bike, go find the closest park and experience some fresh air flow off your face. Crank up your favorite tunes on your iPod, and just ride baby, ride. Take the afternoon off and give that a try. If that’s not enough, do it on the weekend as well.

You can hop in your car and drive down the freeway on a secluded drive without taking your laptop. Find a nice private bed and breakfast, which will give you a completely new fresh perspective on your life.

Sweat It Out To Exhaustion
Sweating it out can be hard work. Sweating forces you to let your mind go of your thoughts while accelerating the vital organs in your body. It’s the release of endorphins that does the trick.

So go for that sweat inducing jog, go to the gym for intense cardio, take a spin class, pilates, or yoga. It’s important that you sweat it out as it’s an excellent relief for the mind, as well as the body as you squeeze out the toxins. You can also try steaming yourself out by going to the sauna or jacuzzi.

You’ll begin to feel your problems pass before your eyes and fade away as they become the distant past. Sweating forces your brain to drift away, day dream, and subconsciously solve problems. Exhausting yourself out pumps up your confidence while clearing out the cobwebs, this just by raising your heartbeat.

Go Out And Have Some Fun
Go to the zoo, go visit some puppy breeders, go babysit your niece, or go dance the night away. If you like to cook, cook something delicious, a feast, and then invite your closest friends. Go shopping for shoes, or go to a baseball game. If your work has you exhausted, do something that’s completely unrelated to refuel your senses.

Go directly to the local park with a blanket, take your shoes off and walk in the grass. The world will look different once you give yourself the permission to escape from all that responsibility, while just reconnecting with yourself.

Sit Down And Whine
On those days which are especially tough, try getting a reality check by reaching out to someone you trust, perhaps someone who can relate to your situation, such as a trusted adviser, and have a pep talk.

Have lunch, or coffee, or having a quick Skype session can do wonders for your clarity, and then you can make those critical decisions which aren’t that easy to make when the frustration begins to escalate.

Or Just “Wine” A Little
A soothing adult beverage, or two, is recommended on occasion, of course in moderation. It can usually help in putting things in complete perspective. Having a nice dinner with a bottle of Chianti can prove to be a godsend. Slowdown, relax, and enjoy the moment. Your problems won’t disappear, but it’ll become a lot more easier to reflect, and then realize that things aren’t that bad, and are worth working for.


Give Yourself A Talking To
We can easily get caught up in this hectic life out there, where the world won’t stop because of our issues. As a result, we rarely get the time to completely think things through.

Then what happens is we begin to spin our wheels, and begin developing unnecessary habits or do misguided activities, or we’ll begin fixing problems for others who are in need, rather than fixing our own.

So slow down and give yourself some time to reflect what your priorities are, and what’s really frustrating you, what’s holding you back or down, and be prepared to take plenty of notes as well.


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