Know The Mental Signals You May Be Burning Out From Working

know the signs of burning outGet in line if you think you need a break from life, from work, from your relationships and your current situation. You need a breather, to get away, to travel the world, hibernate from the stresses of daily living, to find a cave somewhere to finally write your book.

You want to run away. What most claim is that they need to get away from their work the most. The weekends off or the annual 2 week paid vacation is hardly enough. You’re finding you need more time to reset, replenish and energize yourself, to become motivated again.

This happens to everyone, the daily grind, the non-stop hamster wheel where the rat race rules your life. You stretch out your arms in the attempts to reach for this fable called success, financial independence, while beginning to slowly realize it may not be for you.

You Need A Breather
Along this journey, this path called adulthood, working for a living, the “Everybody is working for the weekend” syndrome, almost everyone gets hypnotize by the doldrums of trying to survive life, constantly asking themselves, is that it, is this all there is to life.

What everyone deserves is to get off this merry go round, to get off the downward momentum called life, to take a break. There are signs, indications, this regardless of where you are in your current career, that you need to step back and take a time out.

You’re Constantly Becoming Distracted
There you are stationed in your cubicle at work, assumed that you’re doing your job, but you’re completely distracted, unmotivated, and doing anything but work. All you do is giggle looking at the cat videos on social media.

You’re no longer being productive, no longer focused on doing your work, what you’re paid to do. What you care about most is the best way to pass the time, this until the clock strikes 5PM.

You Make Too Many Mistakes
Once your concentration goes vacant is when you stop caring, is when you begin to make careless mindless mistakes wherever and whenever, without giving a darn.

What you do is accidentally pour yourself two cups of coffee or double dose on sugar. Your reports or emails contain massive typo errors. You look dazed and confused when asked for your opinion during meetings, you begin calling coworkers by their wrong name.

You Feel Emotionally Upset
You’re easily irritated, angered, and are constantly frustrated by suddenly blowing your fuse, or you feel sad over things which are meaningless and otherwise small pointless issues.

Everyone gets pushed to the brink on occasion, but the hazard light goes on once you begin to find yourself breaking down emotionally on routine, is when you might consider a break, as the human mind and body can take so much.

It can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk at the park. Perhaps it means going on a well-deserved trip to the shores of Hawaii, this to bask on its golden beaches in the sun.

Maybe it means just taking an extended long weekend, driving down the coast and visiting the vineyards. What’s important is taking a deep breath, to collect your mindfulness, this by taking a timeout.

You Always Feel Spent
If you feel tired for a day, then that’s to be expected. But if that “being tired to the bone” feeling has been creeping up on you for an entire month now, then it’s time to take notice.

This isn’t normal and you know it. So get plenty of sleep and take care of yourself by eating healthy. While it’s necessary to become hyper productive for short bursts of time, it usually burns out in the long-term if you’re too persistent, so pace yourself.

You Have Difficulty Falling Asleep
Even when you’re tired and ready for bed, your mind is still racing. That big project, the deadline, you count “worry” instead of counting sheep.

If you’re starting to lose vital sleep because of work, you need a break. If you don’t, what you’re affecting is your health, energy, while your focus begins to evaporate.


You Dread Going To Work
The alarm clock is strict, and more horrifying than the nightmare you just had about work. You feel groggy thinking, “I hate my job so much!”

That fire, that inspiration is gone to fulfill the company mission statement. You no longer feel that your contributions are valid and making an impact any longer.

You feel you’re just going through the motions, you’ve become pathetic, and it’s time to reset. Take a step back and take a moment for yourself to refresh.

Try to remove yourself completely from the situation, allow yourself to think more crystal clear thoughts, and get fresh insights and a perspective on what your next move should be.

You’re Constantly Getting Sick
This a byproduct of constant stress, poor sleep, working all those crazy long hours fueled by acidic coffee. It’s your immune system that’s takes it’s toll, getting sick far too often.

The slightest rumor of anyone who has a cold, you have the mindset of catching it, as your worn down body loses all it’s defenses. Never allow your physical health to go down this path, take time to rebuild.

You Want To Quit Your Job
This without having a backup plan in place. You’re obsessed with the though of quitting that lousy job of yours, and can’t get it out your head.

This is a clear sign that you’re mind is becoming overtaxed, trying to just get by on impulsive. So instead of making a decision you’ll regret, decide to take a short break, this to find out what you really logically want to do.

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