Why You Should Be Using Attraction Marketing On Social Media

why you need to get socialSocial media marketing is a finely tuned process of precise attraction marketing at its finest. To not provoke but to convince it was their idea, their undertaking to like your page, to follow you, to discover that you’ve got, this to solve or enhance their life somehow.

So the only way that direct marketing works on social media is to voluntarily get a target crowd to follow you, and the more focused that they are in your subject matter the better. You need to post items of interest which magnetizes, convinces the skittles to follow you.

There are the elite on social media, such as celebrities and businesses who just based on their brand, instantly attracts millions of followers or fans over the various social vehicles.

These big names find it easy to garner attraction, this simply because the user already knows who they are and what they do. This doesn’t mean however that anyone can’t get such following.

To Start From Scratch
It’s possible, but for smaller businesses or startups, they have their work cut out for them. It’s possible to generate this attraction however, by using the right tactics.

What this requires is a plan of action and concerted effort while being consistent. It begins by knowing the profile of what your potential audience wants. You also need to establish yourself as a reliable social media resident that can be trusted.

Post Unique Relevant Original Content
Your content needs to be absolutely original and not pulled, or share common information that’s been rehashed through the wringer of the social media passages, for it to be effective.

It needs to be relevant and trendy for today. It’s okay to share common posts of others, provided it adds to your original post as encouragement or validation.

What’s key is you need to add your own insight, as you want followers to know you for who you are.

Always Be Responsive
Just posting engaging unique content which captures the readers interest is the fire starter in the equation. What then should occur is feedback, opinions, and inquires for additional information.

You should always be responding to this feedback in a timely manner, this to all the comments, complaints, and praise.

What you’re also doing is spreading your footprint with more interaction across all the channels, which will result in spreading the love, which generates more likes.

Post Attraction Information
No one likes to be pushed into buying something, but would rather make up their own mind, thinking that it was their decision based on the information that you provided.

So it becomes critical that you don’t come across as being too promotional. Tell stories that will connect and then engage your followers.

A good story also has a greater chance of being liked or shared, lighting the combustion of it potentially going viral, which is your objective.

Freebies Giveaways And Contests
What the world loves is something for free, so hook them that way. There’s no better way to attract more followers by holding a contest or giving something away.

You can offer a free product, free shipping, and the exposure you’ll get will cover the advertising expenses. One common method for your audience to gain entry into a contest, is by they liking or sharing your fanpage on their social media accounts.


Post On A Regular Basis
How often you should be posting depends on the social media network, the subject matter, and how much your audience can tolerate your information.

You can moderate and monitor this by the type of responses and feedback you get. The danger is if you’re not getting any response, then the audience is just ignoring your posts.

Go with whichever frequency happens to get the most responses. Begin by posting three times a day at various times to gauge interest, as the right timing and hitting a nerve depends on a number of key variables to get maximum activity.

Provide Information As An Authority
Providing content in particular subjects of interest that you’re knowledgeable in, has a greater chance of it being shared and going viral.

So create industry specific content that you expertise in. Make sure that you don’t come across as a condescending know-it-all, but someone who genuinely wants to help.

Be Someone Others Can Relate To
It becomes important that your fans and followers know that you’re a real genuine person, one that they’re able to relate to on a peer basis.

So never come across as a salesman or a narcissistic guru who’s force feeding something down their throats. Post a few photos of yourself, your dog, that you have a family life, or group photos of your team.

Become A Go To Source
What Facebook provides are interest lists you can set up, or you can follow leaders in your industry on Twitter, this so you can share trending news as they break with all your followers.

If you’re not currently on social media to promote your efforts, then you should be. What the latest statistics show is that three-quarters of all online citizens have is at least one social media account, and many up to five.

So Be Trending
The biggest demographic are young adults in this world of instant information, access, and gratification. A world where they’ve grown up in a myriad of social media information.

There’s really no better effective affordable faster way to get the message of your product or service out there. When using social media, the global reach is immense, and the engagement of topics are absolutely limitless.

So if you’re wanting your business, concern, or Internet marketing efforts to expand and thrive, participate in the evergreen online frontier that is social media.

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