When It’s Time To Grow Up And Start Changing Your Life For The Better

When we’re young, what we feel is entitled. We don’t like anyone to tell us what to do, which is our right, and a sailing passage to our independence. It’s our life, our rules, and none of your business. Who do you think you are, giving me direction on my life. This is the protocol of becoming an adult.

Then one day, it hits you with a thud, that your life is slipping you by. That it was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to grow up.

You’re …

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Your Life Begins The Moment That You Take Responsibility Of It

taking responsibility of lifeYour life won’t change until you assume full responsibility. Your ability to respond, isn’t a way of just accepting blame, but it’s rather assuming your ability to respond to all situations. Finding an empowering meaning, solving reasons for whatever happens to you.

The biggest challenge that most face in the times that we live in, is the sensation that our lives are spiraling out of control. The feeling that the events and circumstances of our lives has pulled us polar, down a torturous road that we have no control over.…

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The Signs Telling You To Grow Up And Get Your Life Together

how to find yourselfDon’t tell me what to do, it’s my life, who do you think you are telling me I should do this and shouldn’t be doing that. This the precious and the ignorance of independence. Then one day, it hits you with a thud, you tell yourself it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to grow up.

You’ve hurt the feelings of people because you can, you’ve lost friends and the faith of others because of your selfish acts, and the chaotic behavior to fight for greedy me time. …

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