The Signs Telling You To Grow Up And Get Your Life Together

how to find yourselfDon’t tell me what to do, it’s my life, who do you think you are telling me I should do this and shouldn’t be doing that. This the precious and the ignorance of independence. Then one day, it hits you with a thud, you tell yourself it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to grow up.

You’ve hurt the feelings of people because you can, you’ve lost friends and the faith of others because of your selfish acts, and the chaotic behavior to fight for greedy me time. You begin to realize the “currency” you built up is beginning to run dangerously low.

There will be this turning point sometime in your life, this when no one will bail you out again. After years of this behavior bordering on madness, on so-called discovering yourself, escaping responsibility by the skin of your teeth, it’s the universe that’s telling you your fate has to change.

What the universe is asking, begging, demanding is you to change your haphazard ways. The world that you once called your ally is beginning to crumble around you.

You begin to realize you need to get it together, this time for good, this before it’s too late. You begin to see the red flags, telling you to get your sh*t together and start living your life as an adult.

You Lose Touch With Those Close To You
All those you once called close friends, and certain family members are suddenly becoming distant. If you need a pick me up from your latest downward spiral, that Rolodex of friends that you once called for support is becoming shorter, you’re now a stranger to them.

You’ve managed to push those you once cared about away. Most of them just threw in the towel and moved out of your life, this because they couldn’t stand watching you self-destruct after countless support.

They’ve turned their back because of your selfish ways, you ignoring a friend or family members hardships. So as a result, they’ve now become a distant figment of your imagination, which is beginning to concern you.

This includes the guilt which eats you every time that you ignore another email, another phone call, another missed “wishing you” a happy birthday, this because you were too busy doing your own thing.

These are the people who has supported you in the past and cared about you, but you carelessly sever the ties, cutting off all communication bonds.

When The Scales Begin Tipping Towards Angst
You begin to feel despair and emptiness creeping in, this rather than your usual carefree ways, this perhaps another sign that you’re heading towards rock bottom.

You begin to lose that vigor, that willingness to create your own happiness, this what you once relied on, this to fill the empty voids that you’ve often felt when alone.

What you enjoyed is being happy, so why is this mistress of misery suddenly crawling into your life. You know that something is amiss, and something needs to be done since you feel your battery starting to drain.

There’s no longer the happiness that’s waiting to greet you at the bottom of the beer glass, and no mood of happiness that’s worth gaining by throwing your own pity party, this because no one is showing up.

You Begin To Lose Yourself
You made a pledge to live your life complete, day to day, yet you still have no idea who you are, or how you’ve arrived at where you’re currently at. You’re physically there, but emotionally and mentally, you remain vacant.

If someone ever takes the time to point that out to you, you’re insulted. It feels brutal, but you should be grateful that someone cares enough to tell you the truth, yet you feel attacked, violated.

You’re blind to the damage that you’re doing to yourself, yet you choose to run with blinders on, and continue to pretend that you’re someone else, someone special.


You disconnect yourself from your body, lose your identity, this until you wake up and finally realize, “Hey, I only have one life, one chance, one body, and I’m driving myself into the ground.”

You are the most important person that you know in your life, and it becomes critical to be in touch with your personal identity. It doesn’t matter nor should you care what the other billions of people out there think of you. What matters most is how you see yourself.

You Begin To Run Out Of Excuses
You suddenly realize that your “excuse” meter is running low, so you decide to file for mental bankruptcy. You’re running out of “It’s not my fault” “Mind your own business” “I’ll do what I want.”

You realize that this may be the final sign, that you’re ready to wave the white flag of self destruction, this to instead begin living a healthy life of sustained happiness.

It’s not easy admitting that you have a problem, that time has arrived to ask yourself where your head’s at, and why you continue to say yes to your self defeating behavior.

It’s never fun asking for help, or actually taking the advice that you’ve been given. But it’s time to swallow your pride, to give in, to surrender, turn in your ego.

It’s guaranteed that once you do so, you’ll pull yourself out from that black hole which appears to be swallowing you in.

It becomes apparent that once these messages begin reoccurring in your life, they should be seen as turning points, begging you to change your ways, the universe is asking you to change.

It becomes vital that you listen, and then take action, and do whatever it takes to escape and reinvent your life, this before it’s too late and you grow too old.

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