Here Are The Signs You Are A Fully Grown Mature Adult

We all know someone in our lives, who appears to be a fully grown adult complete with family, holding down a responsible job, but there are red flags. Behind the scenes, their mind and actions remain immature, living in an existence of ego and anger.

This is the “man child,” or the woman who can’t control her emotions, thus unpredictable and percolating towards a mental breakdown.

So what does it mean, for an adult to be considered fully grown and mature.

Being a mature individual, doesn’t refer to just squeaking …

Signs You May Be A Fully Grown Emotionally Functional Adult

The biggest jump we take in our lives, and perhaps the most painful is when we as adolescents, are thrust into or are forced to act as adults, before were capable. There are some who are pushed far too early such as their early teenage years, which for many is far too immature.

The years of growing up, transitioning from discovery to acting mature are rudely taken away, as the joys of youth become handicapped.

Then once as adults, what most are completely unaware of, is they’re still conducting their …

The Time Is Now To Grow Up And Become An Adult

When we are in our teens, what we are granted is entitlement. We don’t like anyone to tell us what to do, which is our right, as we’re given a sailing passage to our independence. It’s our life, our rules, and none of your business. So who do you think you are anyways, giving me direction on my life.

This is the precursor, the stepping stone from being young to becoming a full-fledged adult. This because one day soon, it will hit you with a thud, as you realize your …

The Signs Telling You To Grow Up And Get Your Life Together

how to find yourselfDon’t tell me what to do, it’s my life, who do you think you are telling me I should do this and shouldn’t be doing that. This the precious and the ignorance of independence. Then one day, it hits you with a thud, you tell yourself it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to grow up.

You’ve hurt the feelings of people because you can, you’ve lost friends and the faith of others because of your selfish acts, and the chaotic behavior to fight for greedy me time. …

Know If You Are A Mature Adult Or If You Are An Adult Child

are you a child living as an adultThe most difficult jump, the biggest and perhaps the most painful is when we as adolescents, are required to take that blindsided leap into adulthood when in our teen years, for some unfortunately much too early.

Then once as adults, the majority of us are completely unaware that we’re still conducting our lives by the decisions that we would make from a child’s point of view, extracting the same framework of reference.

This rather than from a mature adults perspective. Although we as individuals, we men and women will begin …