10 Ways To Recognize If Someone Is Being Sarcastic

The definition of sarcasm, is when someone happens to make an observation which isn’t intended to be mistaken for the truth, in order for it to draw attention to how ridiculous it is. It can often at times be considered a rather aggressive verbal tool, although the intent can be disguised as humor.

Sarcasm is used as a method for mocking or teasing another person or thing, at times with the intended party not even realizing it.

To extract the main clue that sarcasm is being used, can be a …

Hey Dolt Proof That Sarcastic People Are Smarter Than You

all day longTo be sarcastic, sarcasm as a joke form, so they say, is the ability to subtly insult someone without they immediately or never realizing it. In most cases, projecting sarcasm is thought to be a means of indirectly expressing passive aggression toward others, intentionally.

Or it could also be because of the insecurity of oneself, feeling a need to pick on or defame others, this to feel more superior. In some cases, sarcasm acts as a shield, a buffer from all the morons that are encountered. It’s their fault that …