What You Post On Social Media Shows Your Level Of Narcissism

Sandy has a new boyfriend. She’s overjoyed with excitement, since she’s found someone who’s willing tolerate her overbearing and at times annoying ways. She wants to share the news on social media, so her worthiness as a functioning human being would be verified.

What she does is posts photos, as the “comments” and “likes” stream in, which makes her feel relevant.

What some wonder is why she would even bother broadcasting her private life on such a public forum. Can’t she just keep it to herself.

The reason for her …

7 Signs Of Those Who Has A Narcissistic Personality Disorder

You know them as they are among us, usually a relative at your birthday party. Regardless of their age or status, they just can’t get over themselves. They think they’re more superior than you, which is just one trait of a narcissist, usually to mask their insecurity.

It’s human nature to possess a sense of importance, but those who has a narcissistic personality disorder, elevates it to extreme levels.

The definition of “narcissism,” which is derived from Greek folklore, is when a man named Narkissos once seen his reflection in …