7 Signs Of Those Who Has A Narcissistic Personality Disorder

You know them as they are among us, usually a relative at your birthday party. Regardless of their age or status, they just can’t get over themselves. They think they’re more superior than you, which is just one trait of a narcissist, usually to mask their insecurity.

It’s human nature to possess a sense of importance, but those who has a narcissistic personality disorder, elevates it to extreme levels.

The definition of “narcissism,” which is derived from Greek folklore, is when a man named Narkissos once seen his reflection in a pool, and then fell in love with himself.

Having an exaggerated sense of importance of oneself is another characteristic, but there are also a variety of other symptoms.

7. They’re Jealous Or Envious Of Others

Being jealous, experiencing envy is a common symptom for those who are narcissists. They constantly compare themselves to others, a result of low self-esteem.

They have a need to outshine everyone around them. Narcissists will constantly search for what others have that they don’t. Features such as admiration and status, and sees them as threats.

What narcissists also believe, is people are in constant envy or are jealous of them, and it’s the exact type of attention they want.

If someone questions or argues with them, or makes fun of them, what they’ll do is ignore them, won’t like them, or may suddenly put an end to the conversation or relationship.

6. They Take Advantage Of Others

Those who are in a relationship with a narcissist, usually because of their own low self-esteem, finds them attractive, alluring, and charismatic.

They find them interesting, since they fill a void they lack, which makes them feel complete.

As a result, they’ll comply to and follow their actions, and will do anything that’s asked of them.

If the narcissist’s demands aren’t met, what they’ll do is demean them or get angry. They have no regard for the feelings of others. Because of this, most narcissists often have no friends.

If a partner remains with them, it’s because they like the attention, and feels fulfilled.

5. They Feel Entitled

Another sign of a narcissist, is they have a sense of entitlement, constantly expecting others to cater to them, to go out of their way and do special favors for them.

They can also demand others to fulfill their needs, and do so without questioning them.

If a narcissist doesn’t receive this attention, they’ll sulk, become arrogant, impatient or angry. Narcissists think others exist to solely serve their needs.


This behavior is similar to a toddler who never grew up, not realizing the world doesn’t revolve around them, as they fume once someone doesn’t fulfill their immediate demands.

4. They Seek Constant Praise And Approval

Regardless of how confident a narcissist may appear, they’re usually insecure and protective of their extremely fragile ego.

They constantly prop themselves up, as what they search for is continuous praise and admiration from others. What they want, is to be recognized as they being better than them.

This fragility and self absorption also makes them highly sensitive to criticism.

Any comments that focuses on their flaws and insecurities, are usually met with bursts of anger.

It can also cause them to lie or divert the conversation in a different direction, usually towards themselves.

3. They Believe They’re Superior Than Everyone Else

What narcissists have is an exaggerated grandiose sense of self-importance, as they think they’re above everyone else, and at times above the law.

They fantasize most of those who are famous such as movie stars, and think they’re the only ones who understands them. They’re the one’s who they can only relate to.

To maintain these feelings of superiority to mask their empty souls, what they’ll do is resort to belittling others.

They’ll constantly focus on the other persons flaws, regardless if they’re real or imagined, especially if they’re challenged.

For narcissists, doing so hides their shortcomings, while preserving their self-image.

2. They Constantly Fantasize Of Greatness

Those who are narcissists have elaborate fantasies and not realistic dreams about power, success, beauty, brilliance, having a “trophy” wife or a stud husband.

Their egotistical imagination, projects they should have the best of everything even if they’re broke, to elevate their status.

What all these fantasies does, is just feeds their inner emptiness. It makes them feel special and in control, which avoids the feelings of insignificance and defectiveness.

Since these fantasies aren’t rooted in reality, it can lead to anger and frustration once they don’t achieve them.

1. They’re Constantly Talking About Themselves

The narcissists among us obsessively thinks and talks about themselves at all times, and don’t really care about anyone else.

They talk endlessly about their achievements, talents, or at times their physical appearance. They tend to be exaggerated, and are rarely accurate of who they really are.

They have little regard for those around them, including their spouse and at times their children, which is sad since they continue to support them.

They rarely, if ever, will ask others for their thoughts, opinions, or feelings. The reason for this, is they lack empathy and just don’t care.

They are completely unable to understand or recognize what the needs of other people are, as all they want is to just to pad their ego.