The Reason We Become Angry Is Because Of Our Previous Beliefs

someone who gets madYou can’t teach an old dog new… well, you know the rest. It’s the old mutt syndrome who refuses and isn’t willing to learn anything new, even if his life depended on it.

Some individuals will remain stubborn, set in their habitual ways and beliefs, thinking that they’re always right, not allowing anyone to infiltrate their belief system which proves they may be wrong.

We’ve all had someone who suddenly verbally attacks us for no apparent reason at all, and can’t figure out why.

You then narrow it down to …

The Successful Managers Guide To Settling Conflict Resolution

how to resolve conflict in the workplaceThe most effective of managers are firefighters of sorts, extinguishing conflicts in the workplace from escalating to fierce arguments or disagreements, and the reason why it’s classified as one of the most difficult issues they’ll face.

The dealing with conflict between employees, or between the manager and the employee, can cause sudden disruption which brings productivity and work to a standstill.

Although there may be instances of certain managers who actually enjoy conflict, they like facing disputes and human confrontation, the vast majority would just prefer to avoid or choose …