Subliminal Reasons Why Consumers Buy A Particular Brand

When it comes to our decision making, this strictly on a biological and mechanical basis. What our subconscious mind will do is take a crude snapshot, a visual inventory of what’s registered by the eye. Then the brain attempts to process what it saw.

The brain then interprets and relays the data of what it thinks it’s seen, to the conscious mind. It supplies a detailed image of the event or object, this in a split-second.

So what the mind may perceive and what’s actually real, may not always be …

Why Using Human Behavioral Segmentation Makes People Buy

The psychology of basic human decision making, is motivated by three distinct actions: knowledge, emotion, and desire. These primary behaviors have remained true since the dawn of mankind, and is the core of human intent today.

So influencing consumer buying habits still remains the same, when it comes to making online marketing decisions, as they did selling “widgets” fifty years ago.

Using these various behavioral targeting tools, online marketers now have the resources to be able to capture data regarding basic human emotions.

Then you can use this information to …

Reasons Why We As Consumers Decide To Buy The Things We Do

why we can't decide what to buyYou wonder once you get home, “Why did I buy this again?” What you did was you unconsciously convinced yourself when seeking out the permission to buy that product, to go ahead and spend yet more money on new things which you don’t really need, or will ever use.

Whenever you decide to convince and then make up your mind to purchase something, what you’re doing is deciding in a plural sense. Temporary insanity, temporary unreasoning, a silent trance which takes over, screaming for you to buy that thing.

Whenever …

Getting More Sales By Correcting Consumer Buying Behavior

how to overcome the fear of buying in a bad economyThe anxiety of any buyer, especially when it comes to high ticket or luxury items is remorse, turning into uncertainty and fear. This based on whether they’re making the right decision, if they’re paying too much, or if they deserve or can afford it.

So it’s your job as a marketer, or sales personnel, to convince the buyer to get them interested enough in what you’re offering, this by eliminating as many objectives as possible, to open the path to ownership.

Under any market condition, whether it’s in recessionary times …

How Using Human Behavioral Segmentation Makes Customers Buy

how using behavior segmentation makes your customer buyThe philosophy of basic human behaviour never changes as it flows from three basic sources: knowledge, emotion, and desire. So nothing has really changed for centuries, as they still serve true today, this especially when it comes to executing executive online marketing decisions.

Using the various behavioral targeting tools, online marketers now have the resources to be able to capture data regarding basic human emotion, and then take advantage of them to tailor their marketing campaigns.

What doing so does is it will conjure more of the desires, emotions, and …